Public Announcement

Just a public announcement.

Man, I love my job.
It’s exciting. And glamorous. And lets me see the world.
But boy do I miss my family.
And living in California.
And meeting nice people.
And having a normal job.

I was deciding if I should leave my job before the 3 year contract ended. And even though I reeeaaalllyyyyy wanted too.
(( Couldn’t wait to. ))
I know now I should stay until the contract I signed is finished.

I cannot even imagine the joy of when I complete the 3 years here.
And I board that Emirates flight back home for the last time.
And I see the San Francisco airport and know that this time it will be only happieness experienced – and never sadness – again.

Travel is about experiencing places exotic. But the part that is never mentioned is that you are with the ones you love. Someone you can look over, standing next to you, and understand exactly what you are feeling in that moment.

Instead when I glance to the side, all I see are strangers.
And whether it be someone I have never seen before – or people I have just oeprated a flight with, it ends the same.

I take pictures.
We laugh and enjoy our selves.
But five years later, will I look back and remember who that was? Or will it be just someone I spent the day with because there was no one else.

I dont want to end this blog post on a sad note – because I consider myself lucky to have this job.
I mean, I just got back from Muaritius a few hours ago!
But at the same time, you can travel around the world and say how lucky you are, but a little part of you is somewhere else – enjoying a BBQ with friends and family back home.
(and you will see pictures later and realize just what you missed out on).

I am glad I took this opportunity.
To encounter a dream. Engage it. Discover it.
But I think this dream comes with a cost I didn’t realize
(it must have been in the fine print)
So when this chapter finishes, I can say I was glad I chose it.
Or glad it chose me.
Either way, I will be glad.
Glad I did it.
Glad I was able to live it.
But glad I can go home with this dream, nicely wrapped, and finished.

So, to end this never ending post, I will say this: Never underestimate how lucky you are. Whether you have a job that travels the world. Or a job that lets you stay at home, witness a family dinner, or lets you live in a country you love.

I know I am lucky.
But so are you.


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