I have done Alot.



I have completely ignored my 101 list.

{101 things to do in 1,1001 days list}

Mainly because the ONE thing I wanted to put on that list, but didn’t, because I didn’t think could come true..did.

I became a flight attendant.

But my sister reminded me about it today, and I re-decided I wanted to finish it.

So in summary, everything that I have finished since I last updated my list…


✓ #20 Visit a castle in Ireland {Thanks to Shan and my trip last October, get to cross that off!}

✓ #25  Be present at a birth {Definitely saw this, thanks to the twin’s baby!}

✓ #28 Try curling my hair using the “sock method” {it was soooo comfortable! My hair did turn out curly…but it was a little crazy. I remember wanting to try it again.}

✓ #36  Paint my nails more than twice a year {thanks to my job, I now do that on a regular basis. I can be kicked off a flight due to a chipped nail. oh suhnap!}

✓ #39  Wear one of my hats, once per week (x10 times) {I love that I make myself wear my own hats. Haha. But I have worn 2 of my hats, two different weeks, and liked it 😉 three more times!}

✓ #40 Sell my unopened gift sets on ebay {one down, one to go. }

✓ #46 Go on a spur of the moment trip. {See this post.}

✓#47 Become an AUNT {yup. click here.}

✓ #54 Buy a maxi dress {See my closet.}

✓ #63 Go to a wedding {numba #2 got married!! ❤ }

✓#64 Write a letter for someone far away {Bought some cute new stationary, thanks to Anthropologie, and wrote a letter to my Canadian Grandma}

✓ #67 Read the 1st Harry Potter Book. {Chelsea and Ricky will love this one. I read it. And I even forgot I had it on my list! nice. 🙂 }

✓ #71 Use fondant {Marshmallow Fondant. For baby Avery’s 1st cake. It was easier then i thought. I liked it.}

✓ #73 Buy a purse {I love that I had this on my list. Like I needed an excuse;) }

✓ #74 Finish clearing out my old bedroom {this one isnt very fair, because I have large furniture that I wont be moving for a while. So I will just say that its done. And by old bedroom, I mean the original old bedroom at the parents.}

✓ #75 Figure out my 2010 taxes. {love you tax-man daddy!}

✓#76 Buy a tongue scraper {I sure did. And I don’t use it ever. Makes me gag..}

✓ #77 Get a trash can for my room {and its cuuute. I miss it. I hope Shan didn’t steal it!}

✓#88 Go to a beach I’ve never been too {thank you Seychelles.}

✓ #90 Master buttercream {when they say add buttercream slowly – dont.}

✓ #92  Eat at the Blue Bayou in Disneyland {And I’m sure it is delicious. Just don’t order the fried sandwich. Especially if you don’t like fried things.}

✓ #96  Buy a camera {I love my camera.}

✓ #97 Do a photoshoot with Spice {sniff. miss you baby.}

✓ #99 Go to a John Mayer concert {saw him live at Good Morning America concert.. still need to see him during a real concert.}


The End.







Last flight I operated: EK412/413


Sydney, Austrlaia.

I love Australia.

Especially right now. It is their winter while it’s summer in Dubai.

And I would gladly take any destination that is not as hot as Dubai.

Which basically means I will take anything, since there is no where in the world that is as hot as here.

This 5 day trip I just did was pretty crazy. Mostly because it was my first time to do duty free.

*Duty Free = on board items that we have for sale. Check your seat pocket for the Duty Free magazine. And let me know if you have any purchases you want to make! 😉

Its a little stressful when you are learning.

You have to find time during the flight to count inventory, set up your cart, walk through the cabin, process and hand out any items sold, and then close your duty free cart.

But if you make over 500 dhs , you are able to receive a 10% income of whatever you sell.

So that part’s fun 😉

I think I’m going to like this Duty Free position.


and goodbye Sydney.

Until we meet again.