The four years I have been in Dubai, I have always wanted to know two people.

Someone who owned a sail boat.

And someone who lives in the Burj Khalifa.

I can check one of those things off the to do list ! Only took me a few years.



The magical roster gods gave me and my two friends the same days off — and it happened to fall during the most epic beer party ever — Oktoberfest !

NOTE: Its almost impossible to get more than 3 days off and have it be at the same time as your friend. So the fact that all THREE of us had five days off, at the same time, and during Oktoberfest. More than coincidence, it was a sign.

On our 2nd day some more friends joined up with us and our group turned to Five.

Too much beer, too much fun .


Where spontaneous singing breaks out.

 “Ein Prosit! Ein Prosit! Der Gemutlichkeit!”

Steins are swaying back and forth and ends with a tap on the table before a gulp of beer.

You make BFFs with strangers instantly.

And end the night by looking for Johnny (at least for me ).

Its such a great holiday and I am sad I have missed so many Oktoberfests in the past.

Pic: Everyone cheers as someone finishes chugging their 1Litre stein of beer.


Thinking about Drindl dresses for Oktoberfest, my yearly SEP testing coming up next week, meeting up with the sister in Dublin for the day, and registering my car for another year.

Missing foster kittens, and little nieces, sisters and baby bellies, family dinners and fires, little towns and green trees, big blue skies with puffy clouds,  In n Out.

Hoping I can go to the new indoor theme park that just opened up across the street highway soon, I can get a local tailor to make me a dress before the 20th, my next two turn around flights are easier than I think they will be, and I can be home for Christmas.

Auckland for 57h

It was so nice to have a layover longer than the usual 24 hours in Auckland. Our new direct flight from DXB – AKL made this possible.

Driving on the left side of the road – CHECK !

This was never on my list of things I wanted to do. But fate stepped in and forced my hand , and I found myself driving in New Zealand. Guys , it wasn’t hard at all. I was surprised!

Black sand !

Piha beach was about an hour drive outside of the city. We had planned a list of places to stop at , but after reaching this beach we didn’t want to leave. We ended up staying, drinking a beer with some locals , watching the surfers.

Katie from the UK , my adventure buddy for that day.
This beer marked the end of Ramadan . I had given up alcohol during the holy month , sort of as a challenge to see if I can go that long without drinking. Proud moment for me when I successfully finished the month. It was not easy!

Lions Rock. Gorgeous!


Our new friends , CJ and Kaffe

the 4th in the air

Guys, I tried really really hard to be back home for the 4th this year. But it wasn’t meant to be.

On the bright side , I do have the new direct flight to Auckland ! So instead of having to do our 5 day trip, which includes a stop in Australia and only 24 hours in New Zealand, I get a full 56 hours and its a straight shot to that one island.

So happy birthday America and I will see you at the end of the month for a certain someone’s wedding !

And a trip down memory lane…

I hadn’t realized until i was making this post that I have always been in the US for the 4th.

2015  St Helena, CA


2014 St Helena, CA


2013 New York, New York