Working then Whining

I’ve been working midnight to 8:30am shifts lately at Boudin. Which have been killer ! I have FOMO, which means I don’t like sleeping during the day. I miss out on everything that’s happening !

Can’t wait until I am a little more part time and I get a little more sleep during the night .

But until then, these cute little visitors make it not so bad!

Nephews : Sam and Roland

A quick outfit change and it was onto Napa!

((One of us is pregnant. ))

A good day.



I miss the kitchen scene, when I used to work in a restaurant.

I got a tasty reminder during my layover in London. One of the crew invited me along on a lunch date in the city. He was from Brazil and probably knew more about food than me!


Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel right next to Hyde Park

( as I ate, I could see people jogging and enjoying the park. It was just perfect)

Opened in January 2011, it gained a Michelin star within a year, and in April 2014 was listed fifth on The World’s 50 best Restaurants in Restaurant magazine. It received a second Michelin Star in the 2014 Guide.

Menu options are based on historical British dishes, which were researched by food historians and through the British Library.

Dinner is currently no. 7 on the 50 best restaurants of the world list.

The food was delicious. As I quoted from my trusty wikipedia, the menu was based on old recipes, so the options were quite interesting (including frogs legs, calf tail and pigeon).


I love an open kitchen, and our table had the best view. I could snoop whenever I wanted too.


Set lunch menu was the way to go. Especially when you don’t have £100’s to spend.

And OMG that red wine that they paired with the quail (which they have in red under the main course option) was the beeessst. I need to stock up on that.



Can you give a guess what this is?!


and I liked it.

Dessert was pretty exciting.

I have a fetish for good quenelles.


mmmMMmmm talk about sexy.

And to stuff my fat stomach even more, we had another dessert! Nitrogen ice cream.

The entire restaurant watched as they prepared and served us table side.

Pretty cool !




I was in a little bit of pain as I left…. from having to leave as well as eating too much!

{I think this was my first Michelin star restaurant I have eaten at. London popped that cherry! }

I’ll miss you

I just updated my Twitter Bio from:

“Just me, working in a restaurant, lovin’ my life as a pastry girl, and screwing up brownies.”

RIP old outdated bio..

I dont know why, but I am sad to change it.

Probably because I kind of miss Napa and the 3 years I spent there, working as a pastry girl.

Work drama


Hey all.

Today I am going to do a little ranting.

*Work drama*

This morning I had to be in at 6am, instead of the usual 5am, which was nice. I got to sleep in an hour longer.

My boss needed someone to cover until 230, and instead of me working an hour overtime, she just scheduled me to come in an hour later. Which was fine with me.

The morning opener , Mrs N, would be coming in an hour earlier ALSO (instead of the normal 4am, it was 3am). She was going to be making my bread dough for me, so that it would have enough time to proof (my coming in at 6am would be too late.).

Well. Guess what.

She. didnt. make. my. dough.

I was so livid. I mean LIVID.Who did she think she was?! I feel like she looks out only for herself.

I was waiting to hear what reason she could possibly have for not making it! I mean, she was scheduled to come in an hour earlier SO THAT SHE COULD MAKE MY DOUGH.

Ugh. I was so mad.

Her reason? She complained about how this and that happened, she ran out of this, and how she had to clean the front case. Before she knew it, it was too late.


I felt a little taken advantage of. I was the new girl, she doesn’t care about me or what I think, and so she simply didnt do anything.

If it was the other morning girl/baker, I highly doubt she would leaver her high and dry like she did me.

I was a mixture of stress and anger.

Not a good combo.

But, my ciabatta and pugliese got out there at the time it needed to be, and it looked nice. Not the best I’ve done, but nice.


{Oh —  she also told me to call her to the back when I was about to shape my dough, so that she could help me. She was trying to help, to get the bread out faster. But I saw it as a conscience – soother.}

She KNEW she should’ve made my dough.

She KNEW she left my in the weeds.

But when the time came to shape my dough, I bit my lip and worked faster.

I didn’t want someone who wasn’t a team player helping me.

I felt better once I got everything out as scheduled, without any help from her.

-end rant-


Sooo, whoever said working @ a restaurant is full of drama was right. But I didnt actually think it would be this dramatic.

Newest update..

This past Wednesday was my older sister’s birthday. {happybirthdayshannonloveyou}

And I had planned on getting off @ 3, so I would be able to make it to her party on time.

But I made a couple mistakes..

First, I hadn’t asked ahead of time to leave at 3.

Secondly, I had already used up my quota of days-I-leave-early.

Thirdly, Chef wasn’t in the best of moods…

And although I knew all this going into it, I still went ahead and asked to leave. Because I decided I would rather leave early and deal with his annoyance, than miss the party.

And that is how I wound up being written up.

{if you get 3 write-ups, you could be fired.}

Apparently, Wednesday night, after I had left early, the pm pastry girl 86’d ( ran out of) a couple desserts.

And, apparently it was because I hadn’t “prepped” enough.

Which is absurd, because I had more than prepped enough. And after looking at the sales that night, I argued sweetly pointed out that there should’ve been more prep done than what she had sold.

To make a long story short and a lot less confusing, pm-pastry-girl {who I am actually dedicating a chapter in my book, coming out soon.} didn’t see the prep I had done for her.

And yet, I still signed the papers, that said I hadn’t “prepped enough”.

I was so mad.

Oh, did I mention pm-pastry-girl quit the next day. Didn’t even give her two weeks? Yep.

I work tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately I will see Chef.

Also unfortunately, I plan on professionally apologizing for unprofessionally leaving early a number of times.

Good luck to meeeee!

Estate Sales..

…I love you.

   “Delineator” Magazine.

             March 1932 Issue.

                       10 cents.



And than I discovered the cookbooks.

This little old lady had lived in Yountville –  and she had a gold mine of cookbooks. LOVE!

I also grabbed her collection of handwritten recipes..

>>I love Estate Sales in Napa.