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RIP old twitter bio..

Proud auntie to my fav lil niece Avie.
BTW..Turning in the bakery apron for one of those little Flight Attendant hats! Really really excited. Really.



California girl, living in Dubai. So excited for my new job..yes, the hat is my favorite. I miss my family, my dog, and most of all my little baby niece.


Pancakes in Dubai

I haven’t been very healthy.

My breakfast has been Pancakes lately.


But they are soooo good.

And the best kept secret? Cook them in butter.


Edges get crispy, while the inside stays nice and soft.




What I Learned


What I have learned while at training college:

People have a mayonnaise/ketchup obsession.

{They eat it with everything. And it’s not a little amount, its a nice 1/4 cup serving of each.}

There’s this thing called “sounding American”

{included= saying “Awesome” and “Oh Snap”}

Walmart isn’t everywhere

{I know that sounds sooooo “American”, but I literally thought Walmart was everywhere. It’s not.}

Emirates Flights: No-Charge Alcoholic Beverages

{I cannot believe I flew on a 15-hour flight and didn’t realize that all the alcoholic beverages (minus Champagne) were free. FREE.}

Irish Schooling

{How is it fair that the Irish population can finish their school by the age of 16 if they wanted too? America=18. }

Pressure Points

{Thanks to our Restraining class, I now know all those handy little pressure points we fine humans have. Don’t mess with meeee.}

Michael Jackson

{Algerians love him.}



Final Week of School

I cant believe how fast Training College has gone by!

My 7 week training will be up in a few days, and the time to start flying will begin.

I am so nervous.

I hate being the new girl.

And there is so many things to remember.

I wish I could fast forward this next month (maybe even two) until I am past all this newbie nonsense.

Our final week of Service has been information overload.

Learning all the different meal services,  as well as  the location of everything in the galley, boarding of passengers and how to deal with the normal problems that come with it, treatment of VIP customers, and all the little details of what different PA’s mean during the flight etc.

I didn’t realize everything cabin crew did behind the scenes!


Setting up our As You Like It Service.
“Can I tempt you with a 3-Cheese Pizza? We also have a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. What would you prefer?”


May I offer you a newspaper?

Practicing in the Sim!

What. A. New. Years.


I had made my New Years plans months ago. It was one of the few things I had researched about Dubai before coming.

I was going to be at the Burj Khalifa.

Watching the fireworks.


New Years Eve started out a little rough. Our class had been scheduled to take our UAE ID card pictures that afternoon – right after school, which meant our 3:30 ending time was being pushed to 6pm.

So it wasnt the best timing. But at least we had that evening free – and had the next day off as well !


Renee see’s the Burj!

It took Renee and I  two hours to travel to the metro, take the metro, arrive at Dubai Mall, and find our spot. The extra hour that was added to the normal 1 hour trip was due to the massive crowds.


Escalator Crowd

I felt like I was in a herd of cattle, there was nothing you could do but go with the flow.


Trying-to-get-to-the-Fireworks Crowd

We met up with my new friend Joy and her friend Marice. Luckily for us, they had come at 6 and gotten an awesome grass view, right in front of the Burj, giant screen, and fountains. We snacked and talked, stopping to watch and take pictures of the fountain shows they had playing throughout the night. I loved it.


Joy, Marice, Renee, and I



Can you spot the film crew?


Live orchestra

Then, midnight came and the fireworks started.


You couldn’t turn your head fast enough to see all the different fireworks going off. It was overwhelming & amazing.


Afterwards, getting home was an experience I will never forget.

At first we couldn’t get out. There was a massive crowd trying to get over the bridge (the way out) and no one was allowed over. So we waited, for a good 10 minutes, until they slowly let people across. I felt like a sardine.


Burj Crowd

All four of us were holding hands: Marice (in front), Joy, Myself, and then Renee.  A couple times I couldn’t squeeze through to follow Joy and we were separated. But then out of no where, Joy’s hand comes flying through peoples shoulders – she finds my hand, and PULLS. And whether Renee and I could squeeze through or not, we were going.

Once we made it out of the park, we had space. Our walk was nice and relaxed- buying water and enjoying all the looks the two joker hats brought.





Bye Burj!

Little did we know we were coming upon another problem: the Metro Station.


1st Metro Station Crowd

The police were only letting women and children through.

And once we had passed that marker did we find out that that station had been closed – they had already reached the maximum amount of people.

So we followed the crowds to the other station that was pretty close by.


Traffic = stopped

The next station was a nightmare.


There was a HUGE crowd.

90% male.

And there were police there, using the megaphone, asking for women, children, families ONLY.

But the men were trying to squeeze through their barricade.

It was intense.


Metro Station Nightmare Crowd.
And yes, we went through that.

The joker hat girls had managed to get us pretty close to the front of the crowd- when all of a sudden some men tried to physically get through the women/children check point and the police forced them backwards. Which created a ripple effect, everyone was being pushed back.

But when you are in the middle of a crowd, with people pressed up on all sides of you, and you are suddenly pushed back – there is no where to go!

It was kind of scary.

We somehow made it to the front, where police men yell at us to “go quickly, run! quickly! go!”

We make it inside the station, and its the same thing – police lining the hall, telling us to go “quickly! run! QUICKLY!”

It was 3 am when we made it on the Metro.

It was definitely an experience.

2013 should be an interesting year.