The last ones..

Only a few more layovers left ! I had a spooky layover in Milan, loved the misty weather ! And checking out the castle right downtown.

I did not leave this place without delicious pizza , wine, and tirimisu. Skipped the gelato this time, preferred not to freeze hehe.

I just got back from Frankfurt this morning. The country who invented the Christmas market ! It was so festive. Gluwhein and all.

I am definitely taking the uniform home with me once I quit. It’s something I want to hold on to forever ! Will miss wearing it for sure.

Only 2 more flights , say whaaaaa??!!

Blurry pics at 15,000 ft with the business class cabin crew. About to land into Dubai after a 6 hour flight! As they say, it’s not a selfie but a crewfie.

17 days left.


4 Years

This was 4 years ago, almost to the day .

November 15th 2012, when I was starting a new and scary page of moving to DUBAI to start my career as a flight attendant.


Bleached blonde hair, bangs, and a few tears later I boarded my plane. I told myself if I really hated it I could quit and go home.

I thought, “If I can just make it one year, I will be proud.”

Well… one year turned to two years… turned to three years… and unbelievably turned to FOUR years.

And every year has been a different experience. I have ALWAYS liked the job. But living abroad held different challenges and experiences.

First one was thrilling, fun, new. The friends I made at the beginning were so important for me not to up and run back home!

Second year was a little more lonely , some of those close friends quit, the homesickness pull was stronger , some days I hated being in Dubai. I was at a critical part of my time here, trying to decide if I should quit and move home or stay and get a car.

Third year showed an improvement in my idea of this city, I had stayed and gotten a car and that really was a life changer. I started enjoying this crazy place!

Fourth year was the best year. I was finally in business class, so the job wasn’t as emotionally difficult (passengers in business have much better manners). Exploring Dubai (and other places!) with my car was my favorite. I think this was the year I did the most trips during my days off to other places besides home.


So here I am, putting in my resignation. A little sudden, a little unsure, but excited about what comes next ! And having a little normalcy return to my day – to – day. Seeing ┬ámy family without fighting jet lag. Being home for Christmas. BABIES!

So lets see what 2017 holds.