Day at the Races

I just cannot believe I have lived in Dubai for 2 1/2 years, and this was the first time I have gone to the World Cup. What is wrong with me?! I mean, dressing up, wearing hats, and drinking champagne?

((Not to mention seeing some horses race))

My kind of day.

And to start it off, our security guards must have been really impressed; actually seeing us with makeup and wearing something a little bit nicer than jeans. They wanted a picture.

RE Camera

(the proof)

Kimmy and I had watched “My Fair Lady” the night before, to prepare for this event. They have a scene where Audrey Hepburn goes to the races. And everyone wears these amazing dresses and hats. It was pretty much exactly like that (the hats and the dresses might have been a little tinier at yesterdays race).

IMG_6069   IMG_5873 IMG_5914 IMG_5951 IMG_5962 IMG_6041

We managed to walk around in our hats and our heels for a full 12 hours, that ended with a firework show and Kylie Minogue (and the fact that I only knew one of her songs proved to not be an issue. Such a fun concert). Probably one of my favorite days I have had in Dubai so far. I am really glad my last minute decision (literally decided to attend this event the day before) ended up working out so perfectly.



Posting this just in case you forgot how funny it is.

Mr Noah.

I like every single one of his songs. How have I not heard of him before?!

You remind me of cigarettes
The way I hold you in my chest
The way you kiss me
With your filter breath
And I keep thinking
I’m getting over this

Stupid People

After these 15 hour flights to the US and then back to Dubai, the cabin crew are emotionally and physically spent by the time we land. I wish the passengers were all American (which is what you would think they would be, when traveling to/from the states), but unfortunately not. There is a certain ethnicity that is widely known within the company at being demanding and rude. And that is who our passengers are on this route.

So it helps to unwind after these hard flights.

And there is something about laughing at people getting hurt and being stupid that helps.

Thank you fail army.

My ultimate favorite video is

this one

(runner up)

What I Should Be Doing

I should be sleeping.

I have my 15 hour operating flight to San Fran tomorrow and I have to get up in 4 hours.

Instead, I am listening to this song over and over again, eating hummus & pita bread, and finding inspirational thoughts like this..

But the plain truth is this: Love is not a matter of getting what you want. The insistence on always having what you want, on always being satisfied, on always being fulfilled, makes love impossible. To love, you have to climb out of the cradle, where everything is ‘getting,’ and grow up to the maturity of giving, without concern for getting anything special in return. Love is not a deal, it is a sacrifice. It is not marketing, it is a form of worship.

Thomas Merton | Love and Living

I like these words.

And who needs sleep anyways.

There’s always coffee, amiright?