Heart Eyes



I can see it in your eyes, that you’re gonna run, you’re gonna run I can hear it in the way you speak to me that you’re gonna leave And as you slip away, I will say…As you pack your things, I will sing…

Even if you run away from me, over the mountains through the valleys I will not rest but search east and west to bring you back with me Even if you sail away from across the oceans and the seas, I will move again like the mighty wind and blow you back to me. I’m gonna move again like the mighty wind and blow you back to me.

I have seen this all before it is all too familiar. But you will never see the bottom of my storehouses of love. So as you use the night, to make your flight, no choice that you will make or path you take will change my mind.

Even if one day you decide, you will find somewhere else to hide I will walk your way and call your name and wait for your reply. Even if you make up in your mind, you don’t want be by my side, I will leave behind 99 oh the you’d be mine. I’m gonna leave behind 99 oh the you’d be mine.

Even if you stomp and scream and huff, tell me that I’m not good enough I’ll take every swing and every blow, until you know my love. Even if you beat upon my chest, tell me that you don’t understand, I will love you and teach you to love me again, I’m gonna love you and teach you to love me again.

Three Years

I used to be in awe of people I met, who had been cabin crew for 3 or more years.

I could not imagine staying that long in Dubai.

And here I am ! 3 years.

Life. You just never know what will happen.

To mark the fact that I did it, completed my first contract with my airline and will stay probably another few months (but who really knows), here is not one but TWO videos of all the memories.

{I had made the first video, decided I didn’t like it, started over with the 2nd video, but then decided I did like the first video. And now I have two videos.}

Video 1

Video 2

So now you can tell me which one you like more.

Because I can’t decide.


Jessie Ware.

This girl is doing something right. Her music is amazing and so identifiable.  And now that I know how silly and fun she is I am sold ♥

We received free blankets upon entry and enjoyed our picnic style music! Man, I love free things.

There were a couple acts before Jessie came on. Our favorite was the guitar player Kwame, who accompanied Craig David. His guitar and him are BFFs.Luff these girls ! Would not have wanted to see Jessie with anyone else. Tess introduced me to Jessie’s music about a month ago, and it was perfect timing that she came to Dubai right after.  We three are her fans for life!

Champagne Kisses

Who’s fault is this
That I’m crazy about you
You are in every single dream
And I’m thinking about you

If you wanna do, do, do me right
Do, do, do, do, do
If you wanna leave it all tonight
Do, do, do, do, do

When there’s nothing left
Except you and this
Champagne kisses
Champagne kisses

Sing a New Song

She is coming to Dubai at the end of the month.

I want to see her.

‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love
If you don’t wanna try,
But all that I’ve been thinking of
Is maybe that you might
Baby it looks as though we’re running out of words to say
And love’s floating away

Mr Noah.

I like every single one of his songs. How have I not heard of him before?!

You remind me of cigarettes
The way I hold you in my chest
The way you kiss me
With your filter breath
And I keep thinking
I’m getting over this