I was told that Americans dont know music outside of the US.

BBC radio website was recommended.

So I checked it out.

And this is what I found..

Check out his other songs. They are all good.

I know that this is a cover. But I love this song and I love his voice.

{wait for the finale.}

I like this sonnnggg. She’s a little much in the video though..

Aaaand songs I love that I think people need to know about.

They are so good. Check out their other videos!

I heart Colbie

I saved the best for LAST! I have this song on repeat…



Its so fun seeing the entire batch in our uniforms!

I love the hat.

And I love the shoes.

And I love wearing the uniform.

{Im gonna be a flight attendant! Aaagghhh!}



Alli, me , Hichem



Nail time!


Even the boys got in on the action 😉


Batch #2150




Chistmas came to the Mall

Its Christmas Eve-eve.

I cant believe it.

This year went by soooo fast!

It seems like only a few short weeks ago I was moving into Shan’s new house in Cali at the beginning of this year.

Now I am living in Dubai!


Here is Christmas at the Dubai Mall..






Would YOU spend 1,500 dms ($400) for a Gingerbread House?!



I luff Santa.


Fo Reaaaaal

Tomorrow is the 1st day batch #2150 will come to training school in full-uniform!

I am so excited.

I can’t wait to see everyone in the infamous red hat and scarf.

I will be taking my camera.

And I will be getting pictures.

Obviously I tried my uniform on right when I got it (last Thursday).

Sneak peak!



I survived ditching.


You heard me.

I survived ditching!!

{ ditching = when a plane has to make an emergency landing. And all they have around them is water. So they have to ditch on water.}

Ditching at training school means..sliding down the emergency slide from the plane, wearing a life jacket, getting in a pool, understanding how to do the HELP position, and how to set up a canopy when on a raft.

It was so much fun.

It was definitely the best “Friday” we had at school in a looong time!

I was the lucky one and got to inflate a LIVE life jacket! (meaning, I got to pull the inflate tabs, and it inflated in .5 seconds)

It was amazing.

And surprisingly freezing! The air inside the life jacket was sooo cold!

Anyways, that is why if you notice that one person has a briiiight orange life jacket, whereas everyone else has yellow…its me.


My Group! #2150!

Im still in the yellow life jacket. Shortly after I was switched out with the live life jacket!


Learning how to prepare a canopy (that goes over the raft – to protect you from the elements)


Doing the HELP position!


Video Talk

I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t skype  my family.

{ Well,  I guess I should say Google+. We moved on from skype. It works better when you want to video chat more then one person at a time.}

Its amazing.

And I feel like I am still in my room in Dixon, video chatting with the fam across town – and just too lazy to drive over and see them.

(Click on the pictures to enlarge them)





Avie’s lil monkey I keep on my bed.

Christmas in Dubai


It’s so weird being in Dubai during Christmas.

#1 it doesnt really feel like Christmas.

Ya, I have my advent calendar that I do each day, Christmas tree up and decorated (with even some gifts under it!), listen to Christmas music whenever I can. So, its like my head knows its Christmas, but my heart doesn’t.

And if you know me, you know I LOVE Christmas!

#2 The weather

It really does set the mood for Christmas. Here, its sunny and warm – sand everywhere.

Back home, one of the things I looooved about Christmas was the fact that it mant I could curl up in front of the fire, music playing, pajamas on. Or walk outside, bundled up in a sweater and scarf to avoid the chill – shopping at a mall, everyone feeling festive.

#4 I cant bake!

Christmas = baking. And eating. Lots of goodies.

I still haven’t figured out the oven yet. My cookies are still burning on the bottom. I am investigating.

#3 I am away from the fam!

I thought being away from the family during Christmas time would make me really sad  – but like I said in #1 , my heart doesn’t realize that its Christmas time. So I am sad that it doesnt actually feel like Christmas, but at the same time I am saving myself from a load of heart ache.

I can just celebrate next year twice as much 😉