Training for J/C

Guys, if you know me, you know I have been waaaiiittting for this moment since I first started flying.

Business class.

And tomorrow is my final day of training . Excited !

We are lucky to be able to practice everything we learn in the simulator. How boring and unreal would a classroom be? As you can see from the pictures, it is such a close resemblance to the actual plane.


The training is 5 days long and focuses more on attention to detail, customer interaction (using the customers names ), and highlighting the amazing products our airline has to offer.

 Can’t wait for my first flight!

View from the 7th floor cafeteria at the training college, of the Dubai skyline saying goodnight.


See ya, economy 

I had my final flight as a working grade 2 in economy today.

Mixed emotions, so excited to be done but it feels weird because I still need to do my training for business class. So it doesn’t feel any different.

But man, almost 3 years as a grade 2! That is a loooooooong relationship .

I won’t miss you, clearance carts or we care with endless rounds of drinks. 


I tried to take a festive confetti picture of my last flight. It failed, but the pictures still make me laugh.  


Yiamas !

The only Greek word I learned while in Greece.

(It means cheers)

We had another roomie trip to Athens and onto Mykonos and Santorini.

The weather was amazing (except for Mykonos, which was extremely windy the week we went– but it was still gorgeous!).

Once we arrived in Athens, we went out straight away to see the Parthenon and to have some delicious Greek food.

It was gorgeous!

It was not the best night at our hostel.

Heat + loud room buddies = not much sleep.

But thats the perk of having cheap prices at hostels, so I guess you run the risk of that happening.

We didn’t let that dampen our spirits, and had an early start to catch the metro and then the ferry – on to our first island!


I loved this island.

Everything was walkable.

The streets were  all small and curvy and , white and blue, and adorable.

IMG_5379 IMG_5377


Our hotel had an amazing view, with a pool, close to the area called “Little Venice”, which is where we hung out during our two days there.


the view of Little Venice

with the iconic windmills that this island is famous for.


and the FOOD.

We had a greek salad, pretty much every meal.

Even breakfast.

IMG_5448 IMG_5352do you spy the cat?

— the CATS!

OMG. I have to stop for a second and tell you about the animals in Greece.

I love it.


Everyone takes care of them, and they run around wild and free, friendly, and happy.

You see little piles of cat food everywhere.

Made me love Greece that much more.

Kimmy was getting annoyed about my obsession with all the animals — but I couldn’t help it!

Living in Dubai, I have no animals to love.

(and growing up with four dogs and five cats, I am a little used to having SOMETHING furry in my life)

I mean, there are a few animals in Dubai, and most that are living on the streets are not taken care of very well.

(( I am a firm believer of people having animal withdrawals. And I have them))

So this vacation was so nice in many ways. hehe.

Okay back to GREECE!

our next island was Santorini.

Our transportation this trip has been the ferry. Which is slow, but the cheapest option. Which still wasn’t very cheap. These islands are expensive!


(view at Fira)

Winery that offers 12 € tasting. And right by our hotel.  a WIN.

And I discovered that although I don’t really like white wine, Santorini white wine is delicious.

Kimmy and I rented this ATV. It was sooooo fun. Santorini is a bit bigger than Mykonos, and you need some wheels to get from one place to another. Plus, it was my first time driving an ATV , So I loved it.

Our trip went by way too fast, and before we knew it , it was our 5 hour ferry ride back to Athens!

And to spare this post from getting any longer, I won’t go into detail about the night out in Mykonos and the gay bars, the hairiness of Greek men, our fun (butsoexpensive!!) sailing day, telling our driver he missed our hotel and him not believing us, becoming wise to the fact that its not good to drink and ferry, having our own private tour of Athens by night, and then having to find our way back to our hostel by ourselves (Kimmy’s GPS skills are on point), becoming BFFs with our receptionist, showing up at the wrong hotel, becoming pro’s at entertaining ourselves for 3 hours while we waited for the ferry, the rude hat man.

Greece was so good to us.

I apologize for the length and number of pictures.

but I couldn’t stop myself.

Moroccan Tea and a Mosque

Someone sent me a lat minute swap.

Why yes, I will swap my two class (meaning>> 400 passengers in economy) flight to Birmingham for a three class light load flight (only 200 out of the 300 passengers) to Casablanca, Morocco.

Aaaaand, another place crossed off.

I enjoyed their sweet Moroccan tea, tagines, and mosques.

What I did not enjoy were all the stares that foreigners (especially girls) received — where were all the tourists?! As well as being ripped off and having to haggle for a taxi.

But , the pros outweigh the cons!

IMG_4923 IMG_4947


Should I stay or should I go?

The plan has been to leave Emirates and go home after my 3 year contract finished in November.

I have been counting down, excitedly. Now that the end is in sight, a curveball:

I (finally) got my business class training- which I wasn’t surprised about. I knew I would, I was way overdue for it. But what I wasn’t expecting was for them to schedule the training the NEXT MONTH.

Do you understand how unusual that is? Some people have had to wait 6 months for their training.

And that carrot is dangling, and I don’t think I can say no.

So, this means I will do my business class training (which is in 2 weeks) and next month’s roster I will be BIZ CLASS!


And I will stay past my contract.

And that means I have to do SEP again in November (which is the yearly refresher course cabin crew have to do. that i haaaaate.)

And it also means I will not be home for Christmas, since I hadn’t requested time off thinking I would have quit before then.

But if I don’t stay and try it, I think I will regret it.

I also think it will be worth it.

Finally, biz class ♡

New places

Another ✔️ off the list of places I haven’t been to yet.

Nairobi, Kenya

I feel like having this layover, and getting a taste of the safari, was just mean. I want to come back and do the full safari now! I mean, I want to see a lion kill something. Or have a rhino charge our vehicle.

A couple of hours in a National Park just isn’t the same.


We saw hippos, and giraffes, lions, zebras, all sorts of antelope, water buffalos.

Zebras are the cutest.