It has been 2 months.

Wow, has it really almost been two months since I last blogged?

I wanted to keep this blog, at least until I finished working in Dubai. But lately I have been sick of my addiction to social media. And have been tempted to just cut off all technology.

But until I move back home, I will keep it.

Anyways, since we last talked, I went to Hawaii, got a tan, had some flights, avoided Ramadan (holy month for muslims) in Dubai by hiding in my apartment. It also is incredibly hot here right now (the song “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey has a new meaning to me now after spending 3 summers here in the Middle East) — but I have to say, this year doesn’t seem to be as bad as the two previous years. I don’t know if its because my hiding skills are so good or what.

I have 4 more months until I finish my 3 years here and my contract. Life is funny. I spent most of 2014 hating Dubai and some of the negatives to the job,  counting down the days until I could go home. But now that it’s almost here, I wish time wouldn’t move so quickly. I know I will miss this experience, and probably Dubai (a little).

On my last flight I made a list of flights I still hadn’t done so that I could try to get these flights before I quit. But the list was longer than my couple of weeks I have left, and it made me a little panicky. I don’t know why it did, because I know I don’t have to go to every single destination before I quit.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still crazy excited to move back, have a normal life again and be close to family. I miss the feeling of home and living in my country. I miss garage sales and the American accent (I am so tired of accents now! Never thought I’d say that. Hehe ).

I just think I am aware of a chapter ending.

Well, this post has been very personal and maybe a little depressing – so enough of that!

I am about to go on a 5 day trip to Singapore and Brisbane before heading back to Dubai. And then its homeward bound for a good 2 week vacation !

And I leave you with a rare picture of clouds being seen in Dubai (it is usually a sandy haze).

Makes for a pretty sunset picture!

Some words I like right now:

(and unrelated to my living in Dubai post)

“Some of the most life shaping decisions you make in this season [of being twenty-five-ish] will be about walking away from good-enough, in search of can’t-live-without.” 

-Shauna Niequist