Bed Intruder

I cant believe last night was the first time I have ever seen this video…


{This is a real story on the news}




And than THIS video makes it 10x better.

{ignore the annoying piano song afterwards.}



I love it.



I went to an estate sale yesterday.

This old lady had died, and I swear she was the Cruella deVille. She had so many big fur coats, it was insane.

I bought one of her belts.



I want to dye my hair blonde.

And I mean blonde.




I am obsessed with this song.

Saaay what.

Lil wayne made my blog..

When you was just a young’un you’re looks but so precious
But now your grown up
So fly its like a blessing but you can’t have a man look at you for 5 seconds
Without you being insecure
You never credit yourself so when you got older
It’s seems like you came back 10 times over
Now you’re sitting here in this damn corner
Looking through all your thoughts and looking over your shoulder

See you had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart
Never really had luck, couldn’t never figure out
How to love
How to love

See you had a lot of moments that didn’t last forever
Now you in the corner tryna put it together
How to love
How to love

Mission: Flight Attendant

I want to be a flight attendant.

This week, I did a lot of things I have never done before..

Things Jessica has never done before:

1) I flew on a red-eye to Georgia.

2) I rode stand-by { I went from not thinking I wasnt going to make the overbooked flight, to making it AND- getting upgraded. see #3}

3) Flew 1st class! {Too bad I slept through most of that flight… But I did get a free banana out of it.}

4) Took a taxi. {I accidentally didn’t tip the guy…}

5) Hung out with a gay guy {he was the only male flight-attendant hopeful}

6) Fell asleep while sitting up. {Not the most comfortable position.}

7)Took BART/Amtrak – alone.

8 ) Managed NOT to get lost while taking BART/Amtrak alone.

The End.

PS I helped educate the east coast on “dirty shirleys”. I cannot believe no one has heard of one before. Shirley temple & vodka people! Drink it! {credit: fellow pastry girl, H., from B.Restaurant}