Monster Mash

My first halloween in Dubai.

Last year I was in Glasgow, after having worked a flight. The crew went out for some late dinner and drinks and we enjoyed the entertainment:  Scottish people in costumes.

This year I got to join in on the fun in Dubai (same amount of outfits, but slightly less Scottish people).

Happy Halloween from the vampires in apartment 313 !


….and a little monster mash video.

(apparently we are from the future *wink “2016” wink* )


11am Projects

IKEA makes me feel like a real handy (wo)man- I just made my first little side table.


I feel unstoppable today ! Ha!

(I probably shouldn’t mention that this has been sitting in its box, waiting to be made, for about 2 years now. Because, if I told you, that would just make me look bad…)

He put a ring on it!

I am now the only single Morse girl left in my family !

Shan got herself hitched.


Her wedding dress is the same one my mom and my grandma used. It was stunning.

Of course the bride had a 4pm tea time with scones before the ceremony started at 4:30. It just would not have felt like a Shannon wedding if she hadn’t had that! It’s just so her. While the guests were outside on the lawn enjoying their snack, we had our own private tea time as well , yum!

This house in Sonoma was such a beautiful place to get married at.

Enjoy the married life Shan 😉