Favorite niece !  

Glad I was able to be home for the holidays this year . Running around buying last minute groceries and party essentials (and dancing to Justin bieber) to welcome in 2016. 

Happy New Year’s Eve ! 


Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas from the big apple ! My “christmas” isn’t until later and I fly to California on the 27th. I will meet up with the family then. But until then — I have got my ex-ek fam to keep me company! It was such a lucky and amazing meet up , so great that it was able to happen !

Love you guys so much.



Holiday mode on.

Dżesika {polish for Jessica}

Right now I am in my apartment, drinking a beer, and listening to this song.

I just finished SEP.

I got my roster for next month and have the very wanted Rio – Buenes Aires trip (first time going to South America !) .

And I leave for my vacation tomorrow. Christmas in New York ! And then it’s home time.

Happy happy happy.

Santa tell me..

… Why are there trees hanging from the ceiling? 

My last flight before I go on Christmas / New Years vacation! And I was somehow magically able to meet up with this chick in Hamburg , Germany . 

We both happened to be passing through this town at the same time . 

Best Christmas present ever. 


Short Hair Fixes.


I loved having short hair for the job. Being able to keep my hair down while I flew was easy and looked so classy. But a wedding motivated me to start growing it back out after almost a year of the short ‘do. And here I am – faced with the problem of how the heck I will keep my hair up for work.

(its too long to keep down for work but too short to do anything with!)

Short hair problems.

But I found a sneaky trick: