I miss the kitchen scene, when I used to work in a restaurant.

I got a tasty reminder during my layover in London. One of the crew invited me along on a lunch date in the city. He was from Brazil and probably knew more about food than me!


Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel right next to Hyde Park

( as I ate, I could see people jogging and enjoying the park. It was just perfect)

Opened in January 2011, it gained a Michelin star within a year, and in April 2014 was listed fifth on The World’s 50 best Restaurants in Restaurant magazine. It received a second Michelin Star in the 2014 Guide.

Menu options are based on historical British dishes, which were researched by food historians and through the British Library.

Dinner is currently no. 7 on the 50 best restaurants of the world list.

The food was delicious. As I quoted from my trusty wikipedia, the menu was based on old recipes, so the options were quite interesting (including frogs legs, calf tail and pigeon).


I love an open kitchen, and our table had the best view. I could snoop whenever I wanted too.


Set lunch menu was the way to go. Especially when you don’t have £100’s to spend.

And OMG that red wine that they paired with the quail (which they have in red under the main course option) was the beeessst. I need to stock up on that.



Can you give a guess what this is?!


and I liked it.

Dessert was pretty exciting.

I have a fetish for good quenelles.


mmmMMmmm talk about sexy.

And to stuff my fat stomach even more, we had another dessert! Nitrogen ice cream.

The entire restaurant watched as they prepared and served us table side.

Pretty cool !




I was in a little bit of pain as I left…. from having to leave as well as eating too much!

{I think this was my first Michelin star restaurant I have eaten at. London popped that cherry! }


A Touristy Day in Dubai

My flatmates family landed into Dubai yesterday and today was spent seeing the sights.

We started off with breakfast at Lime Tree Café, the one off jumeirah road. Because, balcony seating –hello!!!! so nice. I have been here 3 years and its still one of my all time favorite places.

After our breakfast we took a walk along kite beach. It really is a pretty stretch of land and it’s one of Dubai’s gems. The sea shells are crazy lots and very pretty, as well as the Burj al Arab that is in the distance !

(I didn’t take any pictures of this part of the day – shame on me.)

Next was finding the spice souk.

The hardest thing about this was finding parking ! But we finally did and our souk adventuring could begin.

The souk is in Bur Dubai area and just off the Dubai Creek.   This is the view of the creek from our parking garage.

and the souk!


We found lots of spices and trinkets and cats.


The people selling their items can be a bit pushy, which I don’t like. My yearly visit is enough (at least until someone else visits Dubai and I take them here).

After our bartering and buying of items, we paid the 1 dirham fare (about 30 US cents) to cross the creek in an abra. 

I think it’s so fun. And a great view of the creek.

There’s another souk on the other side, not as big and in my opinion not as cool. But we just walked through it to get to Creekside Cafe.

(There was another restaurant just by the abra water taxi parking that we waited to be seated at. It has a great view of the water activity– but it was so busy and after waiting 10 minutes to even be looked at we left)

I have followed Creekside Café on Instagram and had been wanting to check it out for a while. So glad this worked out today!

We ended our day just up the creek, and up the classy scale a few  notches, at Dubai Golf & Yacht Club. It has a gorgeous view of the creek, the downtown skyline, and was perfect for the sun set.

First sangria and tapas at Casa De Tapas, and then we had a drink at the rooftop lounge , Cielo, to finish off the sunset. So amazing.

Good night Dubai .


“there’s somthing special about a sunrise. Most people see a sunset but not everyone see’s a sun rising.” -kimmy’s thoughts that I liked

 {from my balcony in Dubai this morning.}

So much construction . 

Can you spot the Burj Khalifa in the distance? 

Panorama action :


Snow Day

This is what snowboarding looks like when you haven’t gone in five years.

You are slow.

You fall a lot.

And you film it all .

(This applies to all, except josh, who goes every year.)

Snow day a couple weeks ago, when I was home: