We maaaade it!

I love Disneyland.

Hong Kong was great, but it actually made me miss my own Disneyland in Anaheim.

Until next time, Disney ❤



Disneyland – HK style.


I fly to Hong Kong on Tuesday.

My first time!

I really lucked out, and get to take this trip with one of my really good friends in Dubai.

We are already making plans for our 50 hour layover (one of the longest layovers Emirates has –yay!).

And Day 1 = Disneyland.

I luff Disneyland.

So much.

I am so excited.

I have been researching the Hong Kong park and making a list of things I need to do.

I also found this blog and it made me reeeaaal excited!!

Cant wait. 🙂


“When dating is something that can be done with intention, why spend time doing it for no reason?”

I believe I was created by the Creator of Love.
I know that He knows my dreams, my hopes, and my future.
And I believe that it is my goal to live a life that is pleasing to Him.
To do whatever it is He has in store, while I am – and after I have waited, for the love of my life.

-Jamie Grace

Joy : Devotional

Have you ever needed something, even though it wasn’t good?

Have you ever wanted someone, even though you shouldn’t?

Have you been doing something, even though it was wrong?

Is it a job?  A person? A bad habit? An attitude?

Or maybe it’s a relationship with someone,

unforgiveness of a person who hurt you,

the way you treat the ones closest to you.

This devotion really really impacted me.

{ Pg 36 , “Joy” by Lydia Brownback }

…Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.

Philippians 4:10-11

True discipleship will always, at some point or another, require us to forego one or more advantages that the world offers. When that happens, we are going to respond in one of three ways.

We will LET IT GO and count it well lost, as Paul did.

We will try to HANG ON TO whatever it is we are being called to forego and seek to somehow fit it into our life of faith.

Or we will WALK AWAY from following Christ altogether.

Only one of those options will enable joy, and we know it, so why do we hesitate?

Why do we cling so tightly to anything that hinders our walk with God?

J. I. Packer exposes what underlies our unwillingness:

We shrink from breaking with social conventions in order to serve Christ because we fear that if we did, the established structure of our life would collapse all around us, leaving us without a footing anywhere.

It is this half-conscious fear, this dread of insecurity, rather than any deliberate refusal to face the cost of following Christ, which make us hold back.

We feel that the risks of out-and-out discipleship are too great for us to take. In other words, we are not persuaded of the adequacy of God to provide for all the needs of those who launch out whole heartedly on the deep sea of unconventional living in obedience to the call of Christ…

We are afraid to go all the way in accepting the authority of God, because of our secret uncertainty as to his adequacy to look after us if we do…

There is no ultimate loss of irreparable impoverishment to be feared; if God denies us something, it is only in order to make room for one or other of the things he has in mind.

Are we willing? Joy is possible no other way.

Flying: so far

I luff my job.

I feel like I need to pinch myself, because I can’t believe how lucky I am.

I am living in Dubai, flying all around the world, seeing all these amazing places.

I had wanted to be a flight attendant for so long, but it was one of those dreams that I thought I would never actually be able to live out.

But I am a flight attendant!!

I love it.



I mean, how many people can say they sat in the cockpit during takeoff and landing?

Moscow Flight


Or ventured out in -10 C to see the Red Square?



I have met people that make me laugh. ((Oh Hichem.))



Especially when that same person decides to make some cookies.

But it turns out to be ONE (big) cookie.

(still delicious though)

Dubai Apartment


I have gotten to see the Souks in Old Town



Sat under the stars watching a chick flick.

On bean bags.

(so fun)



Had legit Swiss fondue.



Seen the cutest stores.



Hid from the rain while having scones and tea.



Experienced Primark for the first time.


Cant believe its only been the 1st month.

Now if only I could have at least ONE flight (a month, preferably) back home so I can see the family, it’d be perfect.

Counting down the days until my visit back to Cali  in March!!

So excited.

Superbowl XLVII


I really really had wished I was back home for this Superbowl.

My team, the 49ers were playing.

I love Beyonce, so it would’ve been the 1st halftime show I was excited about in a while.

And there was no where in Dubai that wouldbe showing the Superbowl live at 3:30am.

So I skyped my family during the game.


And it was fun.

Beyonce was great.

But after the halftime show I wished the 49ers luck to make up the 20 point difference and went to bed.

Apparently I missed one heck of a game, and I wish I had stayed up to see it.

Even though we didn’t win, I’m glad we were able to put on a good game, come back, and almost take it.

Next year.