If you ever wondered about twins, read the article (link at bottom).

Because it was so spot on, I could have written it myself.

The only thing I would change, or add onto, is the fact that she tones down how fun it is to be a twin. To always have a best friend, from day one. Someone always rooting for you no matter what. I mean, sharing DNA you kind of have to , since you are basically the same person :p

Read the article on the realities of being a twin here.


Sidi Bou Said

Another throwback from about a week ago!

(right before I flew home for Tay Tay Swizzle)


I want to go back.

And eat one of these:

Bambalouni doughnut!

I definitely did not have enough time. I went with a group of girls + 1 guy (which is the normal ratio of men vs girls with our job!) to Sidi Bou Said, a very pretty area that has streets lined with little souvenir shops, beautiful white washed houses, vibrant blue doors and shutters. Also, a sweeping view of the city.

RE Camera

We stopped and had extremely overpriced coffee and sweets at Cafe de Delices.

(Make sure you haggle the price down! Or get them to quote you the prices before you enjoy it. Our mistake!)

But the atmosphere was really lovely and the view of the harbor and coastline was worth it.

RE Camera

RE Camera

Next was dinner at the Plaza, which became very busy for a Tuesday night. The locals know whats good!

Perfect layover.

And to finish this post off, here I am eating one of their famous donuts, with a falcon friend on my shoulder.

RE Camera

Busy August

It has been a busy August.

Just got back from my whirlwind couple days trip back home, all so I could see Taylor Swift in concert. But obviously no regrets, it was so much fun.


Katie and I made shirts (last minute. We bought the shirts and hats etc like an hour before we were supposed to leave.)

But I am glad we did!


She rocks.

The List

The list of flights I have yet to do.

* are top of the list

Let’s see how many I can check off before November !
I swapped on to Tunisia this month, so that will be the first  ✔️


Here is the typed out version of the list, so I can add the new routes we have as well as cross the places off the list that I have been to since I made it.

Warsaw, Poland

Sao Paolo , Brazil

Taipei, Taiwan

Chennai, India

Perth, Australia

Adelaide, Australia

Trip: BKK – SYD- CHR

Nice, France

Rio De Janeiro , Brazil

Barcelona , Spain

Nairobi , Kenya

Colombo, Sri lanka

Flight :Seychelles


Denmark, Copenhagen

Budapest , Hungary

Tunis, Tunisia

Casablanca, Morocco

Saigon, Vietnam

Dhaka , Bangladesh

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Kolkatta , India

Algiers, Algeria

Cebu, Philippines

Hannoi, Vietnam

Balogna, Italy


  How is it August already?

{credit for the cutest calendar ever goes to: Shannon Morse, soon to be Shannon Speake}

I just got back to the land of the sand after another two week vacay ( with a week of it at Lake Tahoe).

The niece turned three. And she loves tea parties which is so freakin’ adorable.

Sisters wedding is in two months. So lots of Wedding talk and Bridesmaid dress drama.

Growing out my hair. Not excited about wearing a pony to work, but you do what you gotta do.

I have a flight to Germany today, Tunisia right after that, and then its another 15 hour flight home on my days off so I can see Tay Tay Swift live with the fam bam. Then its that awful long flight back to finish off the working month.

Ahh, life.