Tbt to Rio

It is Carnival time in Brazil, and I wish I was there! The parties sound incredible.

But, instead, here are my pictures from when I was in Rio (and argentina) about a week ago.

First time to South America ✓✓✓

RE Camera

hotel view ain’t bad.


Ever arrive at the beach and forget your bikini? Or just tired of the one you have? Don’t worry, this guy will come around.



loading up on Caipirinha’s and brazillian food before a night out in Rio ! We were lucky enough to have crew on our flight who was a local and could show us around.

The next day we flew over to Argentina real quick.


El Caminito la Boca

A colorful neighborhood that was fun to explore.

Andddd then it was back to Rio!


For more caipirinha’s.

And a tour of the sights.

IMG_1564IMG_1542RE Camera

And unfortunately the Christ statue was a little camera shy and didn’t want any pictures taken that day. We went up to find there was zero visibility.

Next time.


Favela : slum in Brazil, within urban areas

RE Camera

RE CameraRE CameraIMG_1476

Loooooved the dress up people do for Carnival ! We got to test it out.

Happy Carnival Brazil !