Video Collections: Uganda


That time Kimmy and I went to Uganda.


First for me !

This month I had some new flights , which is exciting after 3 1/2 years of flying. I went to Taipei, Poland, and Vietnam.

Poland was the land of pierogi. Most of the crew did not know what a pierogi was, except me and a Canadian girl. I don’t know how pierogis made it to Canada , but it did and I’m glad my mom (who is from Alberta) fed me it growing up. They are delicious.

Warsaw is such a pretty city and I wish I had longer than 24 hours to spend there.

Vietnam and Taipei are similar , both humid and green. In Vietnam I did this tour with 8 of the 11 crew where you rode boats and bicycles, held snakes , ate fresh honey, fruit, and spring rolls all while wearing the traditional hat. It was hot but so cool.



Am I more afraid of bees or snakes?


And I like bees. I just don’t want to get stung.

It was one of the business class crew’s last flight and she was able to bring her husband along with her to enjoy the layover and come back to Dubai.

We took a farewell group picture after landing in Dubai. The crew were a good bunch of people and I hope I have such a nice last flight!