Petra and the Dead Sea

Kimmy and I have been waiting 2+ years to go visit Jordan. And we finally went.

It was a quick trip,because we only had 2 days, but we definitely got our moneys worth and saw everything we wanted to see!

Sammy is Kimmy’s friend. They joined Emirates the same time and so have kept in contact these past two years. I have only just met this girl a week earlier for the first time, and I freakin’ love her. She is hilarious and so sweet.  I was happy to have her join our roomie trip!

RE Camera

In Jordan, I didn’t realize it would be so unusual that are three girls were traveling alone,  but everyone stared at us. Everywhere we went. It was a little uncomfortable.

So we landed into Amman around 9pm. After recharging at a starbucks and connecting to wifi, we picked up our rental car (with a minor set back, after signing all our papers and saying goodbye to rental men, I go to put the car in drive and it is Manual drive. No clue how to do that ! So after sorting that out, ten minutes later we were on the road, but this time with our Automatic Drive.)

After getting on the road, it was after 11 at night. And we had a 3 hour drive ahead of us. We were all tired, having just got back from flights that same day, but we stopped at a small shop and got some Arabic coffee (which was interesting but did the job and kept me awake). There was about 5 local boys working that shop, and the fact that us girls showed up at 1am really got them excited. Mini photoshoot later, we were back on our way to our hotel.

It was a struggle to get up the next morning, but we managed (the fact that hot water shut off by 9am was good motivation. As well as breakfast ending at 930).

Petra was incredible. And huuuuuge.


IMG_7824    IMG_7801

We had wanted to ride horses, and even though it was expensive , 25 JD (which is about $40) for a 30 minute horse ride, but we still did it. And I think it was the best decision of the day. These two local Jordanian guys who hooked us up with the horses spent the rest of the day with us, taking us on a private tour of Petra. They really showed us a private side of Petra. We scaled down rocks that I didn’t think we could physically climb down from, and scooted on ledges that had a heart pounding drop to the bottom.


Our tour guides secret view from above. We later ended up down below, where all the regular tourists go.


The rest of the day sped by, with a couple tea breaks (their tea is so delicious, and so sweet!), road trip to see Petra from a distance, as well as Little Petra and a nice rock to watch the sunset. Dinner was a fire in a cave where they cooked chicken. it was a first for us girls, but they seemed to have these “barbecues” on the regular.


The next morning we had our breakfast and got on the road for the Dead Sea. We were a little nervous, because we had another 3 hour drive before we reached the Dead Sea. By the time we reached there it would make it about 1pm, and we had to be at the airport by 4:25pm for our flight back to Dubai. We planned on an hour of float-time in the Dead Sea, to shower and change, and be on the road for the airport by 3.

RE Camera RE Camera

Nope. We left at 3:20, our 30 minute drive to the airport turned into almost an hour, and we only had about 10 minutes to run to the counter and check in for our flight ! We cut it close, for sure, but somehow managed to make the flight and laugh about later on.

It was such a good trip. We are already planning our next one!


Sing a New Song

She is coming to Dubai at the end of the month.

I want to see her.

‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love
If you don’t wanna try,
But all that I’ve been thinking of
Is maybe that you might
Baby it looks as though we’re running out of words to say
And love’s floating away

Always Prefer Living

❝ I am happy when I eat fresh fruit, when I burst out laughing, when I discover a new song, when I finish a good book, when I wake up and feel relaxed. I’m glad to have friends, family, a home, food when I’m hungry, hot water when I shower. I love being able to live and see the seasons change, to have gifts at Christmas and at my birthday, to travel sometimes, to have a good education and a great access to culture. I’m flattered when people compliment me, when people smile at me, when people are polite to me. There are so many things that make life so simple and easy and I will always think about them more than all the bad things that will happen to me. I do not have time to be sad every day and ungrateful ; I have every reason in the world to be happy. ❞