Emirates Airlines update!

My status changed online.

From “Approval in Progress” to “You will be contacted by a recruiter”.

And since I haven’t gotten an email yet….its a good thing, right?!
I hope they call me tomorrow. And tell me my start date will be the end of January (so that I can be here for Christmas, of course.).

Fingers crossed!


I’ll miss you

I just updated my Twitter Bio from:

“Just me, working in a restaurant, lovin’ my life as a pastry girl, and screwing up brownies.”

RIP old outdated bio..

I dont know why, but I am sad to change it.

Probably because I kind of miss Napa and the 3 years I spent there, working as a pastry girl.

Clickity Click

I want to buy a camera.

But I cant decide which onnneeee.

Its hard.


Sony NexC3 Digital SLR Camera

Super cute, great features, everything I would want in a photo, viewing screen moves = cool.

But a little pricey and I cant find a new one for sale that is in black.


Olympus Pen E-P3

Super cute, great quality.



Pentax Q

Super super cute, love the flash, cheapest price.

Brand name I don’t know..Risky.

When I first started looking, option 1 was my favorite. But now I think I am leaning towards option 3…

Its name is Pentax Q – ummm, super cute!