My oven is bigger than your oven.


How do I bake off all 40 loaves of Pugliese, 25 rounds of Ciabatta, and 40 Ciabatta rolls at the same time?



Obsessed then Depressed

The past couple days I have been in a frenzy.

I realized Josh Groban’s concert at Mondavi was THIS Saturday.

(Side note: The Mondavi Winery is so much fun to have a concert. It is outside, you bring your blankets and ice chest & have a picnic! Plus you get to listen to great music – and with only about 200 people allowed in it feels very intimate. I love it.)

Well, there are NO tickets available anywhere. Not at the Mondavi web-sight. Not on craigslist. Nada.

I even saw someone on craigslist saying they were willing to pay $500 for TWO tickets. Crazy!

The radio station I had planned on winning them from…well, I didn’t… And today was the final attempt at winning some tickets. But my luck seemed to have run out and I sat down to eat a big bowl of ice cream

If you don’t know who Josh Groban is, you need to.

Josh Groban

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Where:  Robert Mondavi Winery, Oakville, CA

When: Doors 5:00 / Concert 7:00

Josh Groban is an internationally renowned singer, songwriter and actor who baritone voice is instantly recognizable and unparalleled amongst his peers. He has entertained fans across the globe with his multi-platinum albums and DVD’s (25 million sold worldwide), electrifying live performances and comedic film and television appearances.





Hi, my name is Elmo!

How you make an Elmo Cupcake.

First of all, you need some cupcakes.

And you take a nice big scoop of buttercream ( I use a large ice cream scooper).

That will be Elmo’s brain.

Next you will need a lot of red frosting and this piping tip:

It will make all of Elmo’s luscious locks.

Piping the hair is the hardest part. It’s such a workout! And getting it to have length can be a little challenging at first.

Pretend like you are making grass. And remember to keep squeezing the butter cream as you pull away – don’t stop.

To make his eyeballs and nose nice and smooth, dab your finger in water and press on the buttercream.

Next! My favorite part: his oreo mouth!

Elmo!!! People love these cupcakes and they never last very long. Too bad he’s such a stinker to make.

We had one tragedy… RIP little guy.


Interview and a cupcake.

‘Good Luck’ Flowers!

My final interview with Emirates Airline was the next day. Luckily for me, my shift at work was super early and eight hours later I was off at 1pm. My interview was at 4:30, in San Mateo. An hour and a half away.

And here is where I made the following mistakes..

– I went to Walmart to pick up my passport/business attire pictures I needed to bring. Easy, right? Nope! After spending a good fifteen minutes either waiting on the lovely staff to come help me, or trying to figure out WHY my one-hour pictures I ordered the day before weren’t ready, I realized I had sent them to a different Walmart. So I had to pick them up on my way to the interview. No biggie…right?

-I went home and went on FACEBOOOK. Why did I do that.

-I left 15 minutes later than I wanted.

-ALMOST forgot my shoes.  That could’ve been really bad.

-Some cop activity with a car accident right by my town>> trafffiiiic>>  me stressed. And I’m not a good driver when I’m stressed.

-The other Walmart staff was also not in sight at the Photo department. Luckily they were a bit quicker and I ran outta there with my pics.

-Worst part of this whole experience was when I realized I didn’t have the right size photos. And that was what Emirates NEEDED.

-Best part of the drive was when I found out – thanks to the sister’s help after a phone call –  that the Rite Aid (which was right down the road from the hotel I was headed to) was able to do passport photos. In 5 minutes.

And that is how I ended up getting my passport photos taken AND printed ten minutes before my interview.

Interview went well. Almost too well. We shall see in 6 weeks, which is when they will be letting us Flight Attendant hopefuls know if we made it or not.

Aaaand onto another note.

I made this yesterday at my job.

So cute. But so dang annoying to make.

I’m Elmo!

Tutorial HERE. They are surprisingly easy to make – just a workout for the hands!

Emirates Day 2!

Going back to the same hotel, the next day, was a whole different experience then the first time. Everyone was happy and excited that they got called back. And there was only about 20 people compared to the day before -when there was 120.

Today mainly focused on how you interact with other people. We did a couple exercises, one of them involving us asking the person to our right which celebrity they would be for a day and why. I chose Colbie Caillat, and I know there are a ton of better choices, but I could NOT think of anyone else in that moment. At least it wasn’t Angelina Jolie..3 people out of my group of 10 chose her!

The 2nd activity was a scenario; your plane crashed, you have people who are hurt – out of the 10 items listed, which five things would you grab and why.

They then went around our group asking various questions about why,what,where,and how.

I lucked out and got the easiest one: We chose our 3rd item to bring to be bottled water. Eaaaasyyy.

Next: they deliberated while we waited in the hall. I was almsot positive I didn’t make it. There were a lot more outgoing, loud, confident ladies in my group, and I was just hoping I wouldn’t be the ONLY one going home. How humilating.

Well, they called us back into our room, and they gave us the “Thank you for coming, please leave right away if you do not make it” speech. But the way they eliminated people was so classy! We had all been given a number, and they called us to leave the room in numerical order. On the way out they gave everyone a slip of paper saying if they had made it or not.

I maaade it!

I was so shocked!

Only 8 people made it to the final round.

The only other person to make it from my group was a boy. And he happened to be the one of two boys there that day, and very good looking.

The rest of the day was spent waiting for our flight attendant instructors, and filling out paperwork. They gave us a detailed list of things we needed to bring back the following day to our one-on-one interview.

I was so excited! I left, actually considering what it might be like working for Emirates! And living in Dubai… not my favorite part of the job. That, and along with the 3 year contract you have to sign.

But I was still extremely excited to have made it another round!

I took a picture as I drove home from Day 2, so I would remember dat der daaayyyyy!