Three Years

I used to be in awe of people I met, who had been cabin crew for 3 or more years.

I could not imagine staying that long in Dubai.

And here I am ! 3 years.

Life. You just never know what will happen.

To mark the fact that I did it, completed my first contract with my airline and will stay probably another few months (but who really knows), here is not one but TWO videos of all the memories.

{I had made the first video, decided I didn’t like it, started over with the 2nd video, but then decided I did like the first video. And now I have two videos.}

Video 1

Video 2

So now you can tell me which one you like more.

Because I can’t decide.



I have been flying for almost 3 years, and have had at least 10 layovers in Auckland. I just can’t believe it took me this long to take the 2 hour drive and visit Hobbiton, the little town used in the Lord of the Rings film and also The Hobbit.

It was the cutest.


They took us all in a huge tour bus with “Hobbiton” on the side, and drove us onto this man’s private farm. It is 1,200 acres with 11,000 lamb and sheep. I can’t believe Peter Jackson found the perfect 14 acres used in the movie, hidden in so much land!




The Baggins (Frodo and Bilbo) hobbit home!  (above)

prettiest hobbit home in Hobbiton. (below)

And after a cold ale at The Green Dragon Inn, we called it a good hobbit day.


Stacking Mac’s

Melbourne, Australia 
I have two hours before I need to start getting ready for my 13 hour flight back to Dubai.

I am pigging out on macaroons and enjoying the sugar rush. 


It’s my 4th day out of this 5 day trip. It started with me in the airport standby lounge (place you stay at for 4 hours, bags packed and lipstick on, in case you are needed on a flight because another crew member was late or forgot their passport or whatever else life throws at crew last minute). I had made it halfway through, 2 of the 4 hours (which means at this point , you start thinking you might not be used, you will have the rest of the day off). But no day off for me, instead it was a 12 hour flight ! And a 5 day trip.

That morning when I was packing, I had no idea where I might be flying that day. Which means you are packing for hot and cold weather. I did not expect to be gone for 5 days and thankfully I had enough underwear , hehe.

Yesterday I was in Auckland , New Zealand. That post is next , I am so excited. I went to a famous little town a couple hours drive from Auckland. This places comes from a very famous movie. 

Can you guess it?