Well, I didn’t apologize.


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PS: My new favorite song…



PPS I lost my phone.



Sooo, whoever said working @ a restaurant is full of drama was right. But I didnt actually think it would be this dramatic.

Newest update..

This past Wednesday was my older sister’s birthday. {happybirthdayshannonloveyou}

And I had planned on getting off @ 3, so I would be able to make it to her party on time.

But I made a couple mistakes..

First, I hadn’t asked ahead of time to leave at 3.

Secondly, I had already used up my quota of days-I-leave-early.

Thirdly, Chef wasn’t in the best of moods…

And although I knew all this going into it, I still went ahead and asked to leave. Because I decided I would rather leave early and deal with his annoyance, than miss the party.

And that is how I wound up being written up.

{if you get 3 write-ups, you could be fired.}

Apparently, Wednesday night, after I had left early, the pm pastry girl 86’d ( ran out of) a couple desserts.

And, apparently it was because I hadn’t “prepped” enough.

Which is absurd, because I had more than prepped enough. And after looking at the sales that night, I argued sweetly pointed out that there should’ve been more prep done than what she had sold.

To make a long story short and a lot less confusing, pm-pastry-girl {who I am actually dedicating a chapter in my book, coming out soon.} didn’t see the prep I had done for her.

And yet, I still signed the papers, that said I hadn’t “prepped enough”.

I was so mad.

Oh, did I mention pm-pastry-girl quit the next day. Didn’t even give her two weeks? Yep.

I work tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately I will see Chef.

Also unfortunately, I plan on professionally apologizing for unprofessionally leaving early a number of times.

Good luck to meeeee!