He put a ring on it!

I am now the only single Morse girl left in my family !

Shan got herself hitched.


Her wedding dress is the same one my mom and my grandma used. It was stunning.

Of course the bride had a 4pm tea time with scones before the ceremony started at 4:30. It just would not have felt like a Shannon wedding if she hadn’t had that! It’s just so her. While the guests were outside on the lawn enjoying their snack, we had our own private tea time as well , yum!

This house in Sonoma was such a beautiful place to get married at.

Enjoy the married life Shan 😉


#3 [101 Things]

Movie Marathon!!!

#3 done off of my 101 list!

So, I have never done a movie marathon. And not knowing the correct “rules” to having one, I googled it.

And thanks to Justin’s guide, I found out that:

1) Must be at least 3 movies

2) Must not be random movies that I like, needs to have a theme

3) No pauses or breaks

One thing that I was still not sure about, was if I could do it by myself, and if the movies had to be ones I have already seen…

Well, finding 4 movies that have the same “theme” was a lot harder than I thought– that is, when you are limited to Netflix instant download choices.

I searched Ireland-location movies, thrillers, movies that star the main actress with the name Jessica, twin movies… Nothin.

Finally I found 4 movies, with the word “Wedding” in the title.

And soooooo… I watched:

1) I had seen this movie a long time ago. Hilarious! Love the intro. Forgot that it ended so sadly.

2) Dumbest movie ever

3) Cute! Lots of dancing though, and when its the 3rd movie in, it was a good thing I was organizing some things.

4) Good movie! But. So. Sad.

After the movie-madness ended, I do think it would be a lot more fun/agonizing if you did this with some friends. It didnt seem that bad when you are all alone.

(PS – I plan on having an Ireland-themed movie marathon sometime soon. But I will go out and actually BUY the DVDs. My sister and I are going in October. I found a link here with some options, and I am excited!)

How the heck did he meet their Mom?!

Okay, so my favorite show, of all time, is How I Met Your Mother.




The entire show is based on Ted finding his future wife.

And it drives me crazy.

But, I love it.


PS Please tell me Quinn marries Barney, Robin is marrying her therapist, and Ted DOES NOT end up with Victoria. 🙂