I have been flying for almost 3 years, and have had at least 10 layovers in Auckland. I just can’t believe it took me this long to take the 2 hour drive and visit Hobbiton, the little town used in the Lord of the Rings film and also The Hobbit.

It was the cutest.


They took us all in a huge tour bus with “Hobbiton” on the side, and drove us onto this man’s private farm. It is 1,200 acres with 11,000 lamb and sheep. I can’t believe Peter Jackson found the perfect 14 acres used in the movie, hidden in so much land!




The Baggins (Frodo and Bilbo) hobbit home!  (above)

prettiest hobbit home in Hobbiton. (below)

And after a cold ale at The Green Dragon Inn, we called it a good hobbit day.



New places

Another ✔️ off the list of places I haven’t been to yet.

Nairobi, Kenya

I feel like having this layover, and getting a taste of the safari, was just mean. I want to come back and do the full safari now! I mean, I want to see a lion kill something. Or have a rhino charge our vehicle.

A couple of hours in a National Park just isn’t the same.


We saw hippos, and giraffes, lions, zebras, all sorts of antelope, water buffalos.

Zebras are the cutest.

Midnight Hunger….games

Everyone’s favorite book series right now…The Hunger Games.

I read the 1st book in a day.

A month went by, with me on the library waiting list for books #2 and #3. But I was still #101 on the list, and I am not that patient.

So I went out and bought the next two books.

And read those in the next two days.

I don’t want to ruin the books for anyone else who hasnt read them…but I was a little bit depressed after finishing the last book. And thats all I’m going to say.

But anyways, why I am making a post out of “The Hunger Games” series, is because I called in to a radio station, and answered a question. The result? I won tickets to go see the midnight showing on the 23rd!


So I will be in a theater. At midnight. With a bunch of Peeta/Gale/Katniss fans.

It will be interesting.

PS I was rooting for Peeta. (In case you were wondering.)