Snow Weekend (pt1)

Everyone deserves a Snow Weekend away! And last weekend, Lake Tahoe was our goal. Luckily for us, this trip did, in fact, happen.

But not without the nail biting, dead-stop traffic waiting, CalTrans for updates dialing, and 2nd resort planning moments!

The previous two days brought a good amount of snow/ rain for the mountains and that resulted in mudslides and trees falling over on most highways. We stuck it out and fortune was on our side because we made it . A lot of cars did not. After waiting for previous minor mudslides/trees to be cleared from the road (4 hours worth of waiting!)  a major mudslide occurred on our HWY 50 in a spot we had  just passed. It would have been a little heart wrenching to be told to go home after so much time and effort had been invested in our trek!

RE Camera

Where most of our waiting took place. At least our view wasn’t too bad.

RE Camera

RE Camera

part of the gang

RE Camera

I’d say it was definitely worth it.



Durban and Its Sharks

The morning before my flight, the thing I was most excited about for this layover was the hotel.

It is a two story bedroom, basically a loft. Even had a mini kitchen!

But that changed as I was reading up about Durban and discovered shark diving.

In Emirates, we have a page dedicated to layover tips based on our experiences.

Its a treasure trove of advice and information,and that is where I found out about Shark Cage Diving.

 I was sold!


The morning was an early start. 5am!


It was so fun to see them dump the “chum” in the water, and soon enough we had sharks circling our raft. I was beyond excited.

Next was putting a belt on each of us with a couple weights, so it could help us stay underwater easier.

After a mini briefing, one by one we jumped into the ocean and our (tiny) cage!

  Shark Cage Diving KZN 11th  July  2014 005


Do you see the little skinny fish next to the sharks in the photo above?

They are remora fish, and they can attach themselves to the belly of the shark by a sucker disc in its mouth. They eat any parasites on the shark as well as any leftover food that the shark doesn’t want. So the shark stays clean and healthy and the remora get to eat. WIN – WIN !


Shark Cage Diving KZN 11th  July  2014 048good

We were lucky it was just the four of us crew who were out that “winter” morning in Durban.

(And I say “Winter” because South Africa’s winter is a chilly 70 degrees.)

These tours can have up to 15 people and having to cut short our 30 minutes in the water with other people would not have been fun.

  Shark Cage Diving KZN 11th  July  2014 008

Shark Cage Diving KZN 11th  July  2014 062 good

Durban is beautiful.






Capetown, South Africa

Cape Town is the second-most populous city in South Africa, after Johannesburg, and the provincial capital and primate city of the Western Cape.




I don’t know if you can tell, but it was a little windy at the Southern-most point of Africa!


It was a busy day for us, trying to fit in everything we wanted to see in the Capetown area.

And our first stop was the penguins – obviously!

I was tempted to hop over the fence and hold on of them.

They were so cute.


We also managed to see a couple ostriches, zebras, baboons, and some deer-like animals.

I felt like I was on a safari !


If you are looking for cheap wine, look no further. South Africa is the place to buy.

I stocked up!

I am already dreaming of the steak I had for dinner – it was perfect.




Until next time, Capetown.