Easter (two weeks late)


Thanks to flying, I wasn’t able to do my Easter Egg dying party.

But I had bought all the things I needed (including 3 dozen eggs).

So I kind of haaddd to do it, even though it was way past Easter.


A couple friends came over to dye eggs and have an “egg-toss” contest.

Little did I know what kind of egg-toss contest they had in mind.





Trying out the “swirly” effect (using oil)





Go team Emirates red T-Shirts and pajama pants!


Group photo.


I dont know what he was trying to do here.


Egg-Toss contest in progress, which turned into egg-THROWING.

Kind of messy but really fun.


I-Spy egg shell in the hair.


#3 [101 Things]

Movie Marathon!!!

#3 done off of my 101 list!

So, I have never done a movie marathon. And not knowing the correct “rules” to having one, I googled it.

And thanks to Justin’s guide, I found out that:

1) Must be at least 3 movies

2) Must not be random movies that I like, needs to have a theme

3) No pauses or breaks

One thing that I was still not sure about, was if I could do it by myself, and if the movies had to be ones I have already seen…

Well, finding 4 movies that have the same “theme” was a lot harder than I thought– that is, when you are limited to Netflix instant download choices.

I searched Ireland-location movies, thrillers, movies that star the main actress with the name Jessica, twin movies… Nothin.

Finally I found 4 movies, with the word “Wedding” in the title.

And soooooo… I watched:

1) I had seen this movie a long time ago. Hilarious! Love the intro. Forgot that it ended so sadly.

2) Dumbest movie ever

3) Cute! Lots of dancing though, and when its the 3rd movie in, it was a good thing I was organizing some things.

4) Good movie! But. So. Sad.

After the movie-madness ended, I do think it would be a lot more fun/agonizing if you did this with some friends. It didnt seem that bad when you are all alone.

(PS – I plan on having an Ireland-themed movie marathon sometime soon. But I will go out and actually BUY the DVDs. My sister and I are going in October. I found a link here with some options, and I am excited!)

Blast from the past.

I know, St. Patty’s Day is well over, and people have moved on.

But I never had time to blog about our awesome party.

So…here’s a blast from the past.

I also made beer brownies, using this recipe. But I don’t like beer. So, I dont know why I made them…haha. But even though  they weren’t my favorite,  everyone else thought they were grand!

House Hunters

Have you heard of the TV show, House Hunters?

Well, it just so happens to be my sister and mom’s favorite show.

And my sister bought a house last December, signed up, and now I will be on an episode of House Hunters!

(I am moving in with her and will be renting from her.)

The show is ….not exactly what everyone thinks it is. I dont want to ruin it for anyone, so I wont give away the secret.

But they came out and filmed in 5 days.

And it was crazy.

And I had a meltdown mid-filming.

I didn’t want to look like the crazy biotch (excuse my french) that has a long list of things I wanted, including granite counters, double ovens, a room with a view.

And thats how I think I am going to be portrayed.

Oh boy.

My friends have assured me they will still love me after it airs.

So who cares if the the world thinks I’m annoying, at least my friends have got my back!


Plus, it was alot of fun filming those episodes!

Filming the last part of our episode, after moving into the new house. We threw a "tea party" and invited some friends


Sooo, whoever said working @ a restaurant is full of drama was right. But I didnt actually think it would be this dramatic.

Newest update..

This past Wednesday was my older sister’s birthday. {happybirthdayshannonloveyou}

And I had planned on getting off @ 3, so I would be able to make it to her party on time.

But I made a couple mistakes..

First, I hadn’t asked ahead of time to leave at 3.

Secondly, I had already used up my quota of days-I-leave-early.

Thirdly, Chef wasn’t in the best of moods…

And although I knew all this going into it, I still went ahead and asked to leave. Because I decided I would rather leave early and deal with his annoyance, than miss the party.

And that is how I wound up being written up.

{if you get 3 write-ups, you could be fired.}

Apparently, Wednesday night, after I had left early, the pm pastry girl 86’d ( ran out of) a couple desserts.

And, apparently it was because I hadn’t “prepped” enough.

Which is absurd, because I had more than prepped enough. And after looking at the sales that night, I argued sweetly pointed out that there should’ve been more prep done than what she had sold.

To make a long story short and a lot less confusing, pm-pastry-girl {who I am actually dedicating a chapter in my book, coming out soon.} didn’t see the prep I had done for her.

And yet, I still signed the papers, that said I hadn’t “prepped enough”.

I was so mad.

Oh, did I mention pm-pastry-girl quit the next day. Didn’t even give her two weeks? Yep.

I work tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately I will see Chef.

Also unfortunately, I plan on professionally apologizing for unprofessionally leaving early a number of times.

Good luck to meeeee!


What a crazy week!

E.Restauarnt has had so many private parties! Two nights in a row, we have had buy-outs (meaning, parties were so big that we had to close down regular dinner service).

Its been so much fun, working on new things – and not the same old menu-item prep. We have made cute little chocolate caramel tarts, lemon curd phyllo cups, apricot jam turnovers, brownies with whipped cream, salted chocolate caramels, pistachio truffles, sugar palmiers, pecan and hazelnut tea cookies, and chocolate bombs with sugar cookie base. So YUMMY!

Tomorrow its back to the grind – buuuut, its also my Friday. And I havent had a true “Friday”- on a Friday- in forever. Which means I have the weekend free! Yippee!

PS I love fog.