Clickity Click

I want to buy a camera.

But I cant decide which onnneeee.

Its hard.


Sony NexC3 Digital SLR Camera

Super cute, great features, everything I would want in a photo, viewing screen moves = cool.

But a little pricey and I cant find a new one for sale that is in black.


Olympus Pen E-P3

Super cute, great quality.



Pentax Q

Super super cute, love the flash, cheapest price.

Brand name I don’t know..Risky.

When I first started looking, option 1 was my favorite. But now I think I am leaning towards option 3…

Its name is Pentax Q – ummm, super cute!









Pretty much feels like I won the lottery.

I recently found out I had double-coverage for my health insurance.For 2 years I was paying $$ I hadn’t needed too!

I called to cancel one of the payments, and was told I could be refunded up to 2 months. Yay! At least I could get a little cash back.

But than I got a bill in the mail, saying I owed 2 months? No no no, you got it all wrong dude.

Called them back, talked to Andy, briefly told him about my double-coverage, wrongly billed, etc.

After a few minutes on hold, he came back on to tell me I was going to be refunded.

For all of it.

The whooole shebang.

Saayyyyy what Mr Andy?!!?! You’re my new favorite.

So thankyou, Blue Cross.

Best. Insurance. Ever.