Feeling French 

location: Lyon, France

People kept trying to speak French to me. And commenting that I looked French. Must have been the haircut –I liked it !

I had a 50 hour layover in Lyon, and now I need to go back. It is such a cute little town, people are so friendly. I was brave and ventured to a nearby medieval town called Pérouges {pronounced per – roozsh} .

It sits on a hill, walls surrounding this town. Cobblestones and adorable houses are hiding inside. Along with their famous Pérouges Galettes (dessert variation of pizza, crust is not as chewy as pizza crust, but more tender and crumbly buttery deliciousness like shortbread. They top it with even more sugar and  you have got yourself a sugar coma.)

I just have to hi light the fact that I made it to this city all by myself. If you know me, I get lost easily – it is a skill. But I had managed to take a bus, then a train, then a 10 minute walk to reach this place. And for me to also make it back the way I came, without missing a train or bus – I was proud. (Now, to start the trip off, I had taken the bus the wrong direction , but that was easily fixed and only a minor set back of maybe 15 minutes. Hardly worth mentioning , I think. Ha! )  

The next day was exploring the city of Lyon. I accidentally joined in on a Catholic Mass happening on a Wednesday morning at the Basilique de Fourvière. I couldn’t understand a word of the French that was spoken and sung, but it was beautiful anyway and I was glad I had happened upon that.

The view from this church is breath taking! It sits over the city (let me tell ya, the walk to the top to reach this church was breathtaking, literally), on a hill. The decor inside was gorgeous. I took photos but they just could not capture the grandeur and beauty of the design , you must see in person.


And now to my favorite part of the trip, the park directly behind our hotel.

Parc de la Tête d’Or


It is so big, so green; couples and families alike picnicking and enjoying the park. Ducks with their baby ducks, and Geese with their fluffy baby geese, it just made me so happy. I want to come back and have a picnic. ASAP.

(picture is the front entrance to the park. It is so huge, it took me 45 minutes to walk the circumference of it)


But instead I had to come back to Dubai. Ahhhh, until next time.



Me time

Whenever I have a layover, I always need at least one other person to hang out with. I hate being by myself. So I figure out who I like the most during the flight, and make plans to do something with them.
Well, turned out this past flight to LA was one of those rare flights where I was left to do something all by myself.
Me, myself, and I.
…And it was fun.
Had some in-n-out, read a book on the beach, and rented a car for the first time.