My new friend, Geneva

I have to apologize to Geneva (and Switzerland). I kept thinking it was located in Sweden.


Anyways, visiting the 4th most expensive city in the world was quite the experience. And I hope to go back!

RE Camera RE Camera

In case you were wondering, this is what it is like to climb to the top of St Pierre Cathedral.

Until next time.

RE Camera RE Camera


John Freakin Legend

Kimmy and I have been in Dubai for over 2 years and we still had not gone to a concert.

I’m glad it was John who was our first time. Hah! 😉

And thanks to the roomie, she was the one who officially introduced me to Mr Legend.  We got to the concert a few hours early and managed to get close to the stage! He was amazing. His wife is one lucky girl.

RE Camera

After the concert we were both in a John Legend daze. Time is its only cure.

RE Camera

101 in 1,001

Yes, I did it. I made a list of 101 things I want to get done, in a 1,001 day time-frame. Thanks to Shannon. She created one and got myself and my twin hooked. It’s motivation to get things done! There’s an end date people. A reason why it needs to be done NOW, instead of watching another New Girl episode while on facebook. So, here’s my list… (Oh, and an FYI — it.takes.forever. to think up 101 things that you want to get done while still being realistic of the 2.5 year time frame that you have. Sure, I can think up a 100 things I want to do, but if everyone of them involves traveling, buying, or being an extra in an episode of How I met Your Mother , it wont get done.)

101 in 1001

  1. Go to Ohio (amusement partk)
  2. Go to Nashville
  3. ✔Have a movie marathon (5-27-12)
  4. Finish my “What not to do …” book.
  5. Cut my hair short(10-23-14)
  6. No internet-whatsoever- for two weeks
  7. Learn Spanish
  8. ✔Learn how to mow my own lawn(5-20-12)
  9. Make my own Garden stone
  10. Make one dish from every single one of my cookbooks
  11. Learn how to play a song on the violin
  12.  Make my own Lemonade
  13. Watch the sun rise.
  14. Ride a horse on the beach
  15. Finish my pressed flower idea
  16. Invent a board game and actually play it
  17.  Go to Las Vegas
  18. Be an extra in a movie (or tv show coughhowimetyourmothercough)
  19. Learn how to knit, and knit a scarf
  20. ✔Visit a castle in Ireland (10-12)
  21. ✔Go paddleboarding (07/14)
  22. Send myself an email using
  23. Learn how to juggle 3 balls
  24.  Paint a picture, outside, in the sun
  25.  ✔Be present at a birth (08-01-12)
  26. Send a postcard using
  27. ✔Write a letter to myself to be opened on my wedding day(summer 2014)
  28.  ✔Try curling my hair using the “sock method”(fall2012)
  29.  Build something out of wood
  30. Make something using something from my garden
  31.  Whistle with two fingers
  32. Ask five friends to suggest 1 book, and read them all
  33.  ✔Make a pie on Pi Day (March14th 2014)
  34.  Go to a movie theatre that allows you to eat dinner while you watch.
  35. Do the words on fingernails thing
  36.  Paint my nails more than twice a year (daily)
  37.  Memorize a 5 verses a week (x5 times) & be able to remember it a week later
  38.  Sit outside and watch the stars
  39.  Wear one of my hats, once per week ✓✓(2/5)
  40.  Sell my unopened gift sets on ebay ✓ (1/2)
  41. Finish my bible verse picture
  42.  Ride on a motorcycle
  43.  Eat healthy, no sugar, for 7 consecutive days!
  44. Go for a walk 4 days a week, for a month.
  45. Organize my old work recipes & tested recipes
  46. ✔Go on a spur of the moment trip. (7/4/13)
  47. ✔Become an AUNTIE! (8/1/12)
  48. ✔Drive the speed limit, for one week. (10-01-14)
  49.  Cook in my apron
  50. Roast a marshmallow in the new fireplace.
  51. Change my door knobs
  52. Paint the mirror
  53. Hang the painted mirror in my room
  54. ✔Buy a maxi dress (fall2012)
  55. Change my address
  56. Update my ID license
  57. ✔ Figure out who the heck “Dr Who” is!(thanks pinterest)
  58. Make cute little garden signs. For my garden.
  59. Start a Memory Jar
  60. Make someone’s day better by buying them Starbucks
  61. Do 5 DIY projects.
  62. ✔✔Ride my bike more than two times a year.(rented bikes:Londonx3,Auckalnd)
  63. ✔Go to a wedding (summer2012)
  64. ✔Write a letter for someone far away (6/13)
  65.  Go to Chuck E Cheeses. Its been too long.
  66. Speak with a British accent for an entire day.
  67. ✔Read the 1st Harry Potter Book. (march2013)
  68. Start a guest book for Shan and my house
  69. Bring in my crashed hard drive to Mac
  70. ✔Try the strawberry/sour cream/yogurt thing(5-30-12)
  71. ✔Use fondant (7-28-2013)
  72. Make cinnamon raisin swirl bread
  73. ✔Buy a purse (all the time)
  74. ✔Finish clearing out my old bedroom (jan2012)
  75. ✔Figure out my 2010 taxes. (april2013)
  76. ✔Buy a tongue scraper (fall2013)
  77. ✔Get a trash can for my room (2012)
  78. ✔Climb a tree(London)
  79. Pay-it-Forward (x5 times)
  80. Walk across the Golden Gate, at night
  81. Walk or Run a 5k
  82. Win something from the-claw 50 cent game
  83. Go to that Haunted Mansion that is by the Vallejo area.
  84. Watch “Dolphin Tale”
  85. Put up Christmas Lights at Shan and my new place
  86. Work on my handwriting..
  87. ✔Finally watch Avatar(2014)
  88. ✔Go to a beach I’ve never been too (7/13/13)
  89.  Go exploring in Napa
  90. ✔Master buttercream (8/13)
  91. Go camping in an actual tent
  92.  ✔at at the Blue Bayou in Disneyland (11-13)
  93.  Donate Blood
  94. Mail a secret to post-secret
  95. Go see Little Mermaid theater production
  96.  ✔Buy a camera (fall2012)
  97. ✔Do a photoshoot with Spice(summer2012)
  98. Buy a hammock & set it up
  99. ✔Go to a John Mayer concert(7-5-13)
  100. Have a garage sale
  101. Finish our “Drive By” video

Start Date: Today (May 18th, 2012)

and in 1,001 days, it will be…

End Date:( February 13th, 2015)

PS- while making this list, I also STARTED a list of things I WOULD do, if I hadn’t already done it. (I realized its alot easier to think of things I have already done, then things I haven’t.) I will be posting it soon, check it out and add it to your own lists!

Love my GOD.

It is a precious thing beyond all words – especially in the hour of death – that we have a God whose nature is such that what pleases Him is not our work for Him but our need for Him.

John Piper