In 2012 when I was joining Emirates and moving halfway across the world , I received lots of advice.

“What are you thinking?! You can’t be serious. You don’t love your family?! And don’t want to be near them?”

“That’s a Muslim country. Aren’t you Christian? Won’t they throw you in jail?”

And I went for it.

At the end of 2016 when I said I was quitting Emirates and moving home, everyone had lots of advice:

“What are you thinking!! You can’t quit without having anything lined up. Are you crazy?!”

“You are going to be so depressed. You will regret this.”

And I went for it .

Both times , when I was joining Emirates and then quitting , people thought I was crazy.

Guess what.

I never regretted moving to Dubai. And I still have had not one bit of regret leaving.

I enjoyed my 4 years there.

It’s been 6 months since I moved back.

I am enjoying being home. I don’t have to fight jet lag or count down my days of when I have to leave.

And I get to spend my time with these three (and their moms!).






I know this flight number really well.


I have tried to swap onto sooo many EK225’s, tried to bid for them, flown home to visit on them.

And I finally had an EK225 on my roster.

I operated my first SFO flight home!

It was so weird being cabin crew, and not a passenger, for the 15 hours. It went by a LOT faster.  I was so excited to see the family, i was practically bouncing in my jump seat as the plane was landing.

The only thing I didn’t think about was how short a 2 day layover would feel when I am back home.

Usually a 50 hour layover seems like more then enough time at a destination — but I quickly realized how short it really is when you are at home. Especially in comparison to my 2 week vacation I had just taken less then a month before.

So it was a good thing I had family coming back with me to Dubs 😉

It would have been a messy goodbye at the airport.




Last flight I operated: EK412/413


Sydney, Austrlaia.

I love Australia.

Especially right now. It is their winter while it’s summer in Dubai.

And I would gladly take any destination that is not as hot as Dubai.

Which basically means I will take anything, since there is no where in the world that is as hot as here.

This 5 day trip I just did was pretty crazy. Mostly because it was my first time to do duty free.

*Duty Free = on board items that we have for sale. Check your seat pocket for the Duty Free magazine. And let me know if you have any purchases you want to make! 😉

Its a little stressful when you are learning.

You have to find time during the flight to count inventory, set up your cart, walk through the cabin, process and hand out any items sold, and then close your duty free cart.

But if you make over 500 dhs , you are able to receive a 10% income of whatever you sell.

So that part’s fun 😉

I think I’m going to like this Duty Free position.


and goodbye Sydney.

Until we meet again.


“The best part about airports lies in what they symbolize. Airports are places of bookends: new beginnings and long-awaited endings, arrivals and departures, hellos and goodbyes.

We start in one city to end in another hundreds or thousand miles away. You enter from a desert and exit into a blizzard. In from winter, out into summer. In from familiarity, out into something completely foreign. Or vice versa.

An airport is a place of transit, and not just geographically. I wish there was some sort of time-lapse to show how people change between departures and arrivals.

When I arrive back home from being away, I’m never the same person as when I left.”

Airport Standby

Airport Standby: A short number of hours (usually 4) where you sit in the dedicated lounge in full cabin crew uniform, make-up, and hair done.

You must be ready to go wherever they may send you, meaning suitcase is packed for cold or warm climate.

You are available in case someone is late, forgot an important document/item and can not fly, or if they are shorthanded.

The end result could be an exciting layover –or a day off (if you are lucky enough to finish your duty without being needed).


I had my first taste of airport standby.

6am – 10am.

I didn’t know if I would like it or not.

I had to pack for cold or hot weather (depending where they sent me).

I didn’t know if I would get a flight.

And I didn’t know  if I would like the flight.

But I ended up reaaaally liking airport standby!

I liked the excitement of wondering where I could be flying to.

It was the same feeling I get, every 23rd of the month, when the roster is abbouuuut to come out and I can’t stand the wondering where I would be going! It’s like Christmas Eve. I love it.

I ended up going to Munich, having the best time, loving my crew.

I love my job ❤


Disneyland – HK style.


I fly to Hong Kong on Tuesday.

My first time!

I really lucked out, and get to take this trip with one of my really good friends in Dubai.

We are already making plans for our 50 hour layover (one of the longest layovers Emirates has –yay!).

And Day 1 = Disneyland.

I luff Disneyland.

So much.

I am so excited.

I have been researching the Hong Kong park and making a list of things I need to do.

I also found this blog and it made me reeeaaal excited!!

Cant wait. 🙂


Its so fun seeing the entire batch in our uniforms!

I love the hat.

And I love the shoes.

And I love wearing the uniform.

{Im gonna be a flight attendant! Aaagghhh!}



Alli, me , Hichem



Nail time!


Even the boys got in on the action 😉


Batch #2150




Fo Reaaaaal

Tomorrow is the 1st day batch #2150 will come to training school in full-uniform!

I am so excited.

I can’t wait to see everyone in the infamous red hat and scarf.

I will be taking my camera.

And I will be getting pictures.

Obviously I tried my uniform on right when I got it (last Thursday).

Sneak peak!