The Q

The Pentax Q. Winner of the camera debate.
Supa cute.


Clickity Click

I want to buy a camera.

But I cant decide which onnneeee.

Its hard.


Sony NexC3 Digital SLR Camera

Super cute, great features, everything I would want in a photo, viewing screen moves = cool.

But a little pricey and I cant find a new one for sale that is in black.


Olympus Pen E-P3

Super cute, great quality.



Pentax Q

Super super cute, love the flash, cheapest price.

Brand name I don’t know..Risky.

When I first started looking, option 1 was my favorite. But now I think I am leaning towards option 3…

Its name is Pentax Q – ummm, super cute!






Birthdays & Convo’s

Happy Birthday Mommy!

One more year and you will be 50.


Conversation that happened while in the parking lot of a 7-11.

“Okay, I bet that hispanic woman got her shirt from a garage sale.” -Katie

“What? Why?” -Ma

“Because its big and it just hangs.” -K

“Well, sometimes when you are larger, its harder to find shirts that fit.” -Ma

“She is definitely larger on top” -Me

“…and it just hangs” -K


Superbowl was fun!

Green Bay won. whoop!

Half time show was lame. Black-Eyed Peas.

So last night I woke up randomly and heard a song playing on the radio.

And I liked it.

But I dont remember the lyrics to it..


But I DO remember hearing THIS song today, and I realized I LIKED it:


And finally, my new favorite movie:

(go watch it. now.)

You never forget your first love.