Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie

Three ingredients . So easy and so delish. And the cherry on top?! You can satisfy that sweet tooth with it being good for you too.

Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie

3 ripe Bananas

3c old fashion oats

1/2cup chocolate chips (sugar free or 80% dark chocolate)

Smash bananas. Add oats. Should be cookie dough consistency. Add chocolate . Scoop onto sheet and flatten. These cookies do not change shape so they can be close together on the trays.

Bake 350F 12-15 minutes

This recipe , you don’t even have to measure. Eyeballing it is easy (and quicker)! Just make sure there’s enough oats. If it’s too “wet” the texture is more banana-y and you will miss that chewiness the oats bring. But no matter what you do with this recipe , they are still yummy!



What a crazy week!

E.Restauarnt has had so many private parties! Two nights in a row, we have had buy-outs (meaning, parties were so big that we had to close down regular dinner service).

Its been so much fun, working on new things – and not the same old menu-item prep. We have made cute little chocolate caramel tarts, lemon curd phyllo cups, apricot jam turnovers, brownies with whipped cream, salted chocolate caramels, pistachio truffles, sugar palmiers, pecan and hazelnut tea cookies, and chocolate bombs with sugar cookie base. So YUMMY!

Tomorrow its back to the grind – buuuut, its also my Friday. And I havent had a true “Friday”- on a Friday- in forever. Which means I have the weekend free! Yippee!

PS I love fog.