Dubai World Cup: 2017

..and the two years previous (included at the end).

The last week of March I was in Dubai again for a quick trip. It was nice to go back for a final visit to the place I lived for four years. I timed it so I could attend The World Cup they do every year -it’s so much fun.

Dressing up + champagne + fascinators.

How can you go wrong? (you can’t!)

This year the weather was acting up and being weird, which made it more interesting — but definitely just as much fun!

(FYI: The movie clip at the beginning is from My Fair Lady , when they go to the races. All of the outfits are amazing.  )




The magical roster gods gave me and my two friends the same days off — and it happened to fall during the most epic beer party ever — Oktoberfest !

NOTE: Its almost impossible to get more than 3 days off and have it be at the same time as your friend. So the fact that all THREE of us had five days off, at the same time, and during Oktoberfest. More than coincidence, it was a sign.

On our 2nd day some more friends joined up with us and our group turned to Five.

Too much beer, too much fun .


Where spontaneous singing breaks out.

 “Ein Prosit! Ein Prosit! Der Gemutlichkeit!”

Steins are swaying back and forth and ends with a tap on the table before a gulp of beer.

You make BFFs with strangers instantly.

And end the night by looking for Johnny (at least for me ).

Its such a great holiday and I am sad I have missed so many Oktoberfests in the past.

Pic: Everyone cheers as someone finishes chugging their 1Litre stein of beer.

What I Learned


What I have learned while at training college:

People have a mayonnaise/ketchup obsession.

{They eat it with everything. And it’s not a little amount, its a nice 1/4 cup serving of each.}

There’s this thing called “sounding American”

{included= saying “Awesome” and “Oh Snap”}

Walmart isn’t everywhere

{I know that sounds sooooo “American”, but I literally thought Walmart was everywhere. It’s not.}

Emirates Flights: No-Charge Alcoholic Beverages

{I cannot believe I flew on a 15-hour flight and didn’t realize that all the alcoholic beverages (minus Champagne) were free. FREE.}

Irish Schooling

{How is it fair that the Irish population can finish their school by the age of 16 if they wanted too? America=18. }

Pressure Points

{Thanks to our Restraining class, I now know all those handy little pressure points we fine humans have. Don’t mess with meeee.}

Michael Jackson

{Algerians love him.}



Final Week of School

I cant believe how fast Training College has gone by!

My 7 week training will be up in a few days, and the time to start flying will begin.

I am so nervous.

I hate being the new girl.

And there is so many things to remember.

I wish I could fast forward this next month (maybe even two) until I am past all this newbie nonsense.

Our final week of Service has been information overload.

Learning all the different meal services,  as well as  the location of everything in the galley, boarding of passengers and how to deal with the normal problems that come with it, treatment of VIP customers, and all the little details of what different PA’s mean during the flight etc.

I didn’t realize everything cabin crew did behind the scenes!


Setting up our As You Like It Service.
“Can I tempt you with a 3-Cheese Pizza? We also have a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. What would you prefer?”


May I offer you a newspaper?

Practicing in the Sim!

Job Hunt



Well, the job hunt begins.

E.Restaurant has been giving and taking back my hours each week. And I’m feeling like 3 days is not enough for me. Sooo the search starts again.

And with it comes excitement! I like the thought of a new, fresh start. I will not miss the Chef over at E.Restaurant. Not-at-all.

I’m looking even CLOSER to home. Not the 30-minute drive, but more like 7-minute. Theres a college-age town right by me, and in it – a bakery. And I wouldnt have to pay to park there.  And I wouldnt have to pass by bums.  And I wouldnt have to walk down a dirty alley every day – where the bums pee in.

The only problem: not likely that they are hiring right now..