Dubai World Cup: 2017

..and the two years previous (included at the end).

The last week of March I was in Dubai again for a quick trip. It was nice to go back for a final visit to the place I lived for four years. I timed it so I could attend The World Cup they do every year -it’s so much fun.

Dressing up + champagne + fascinators.

How can you go wrong? (you can’t!)

This year the weather was acting up and being weird, which made it more interesting — but definitely just as much fun!

(FYI: The movie clip at the beginning is from My Fair Lady , when they go to the races. All of the outfits are amazing.  )



Dont you love cute things?

Dont you love cute, high-quality things?

Dont you love cute, high-quality, CHEAP things?

Me too.

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