Christmas Cake

Best part about Christmas time… baking Christmas treats!

Oh, also Christmas parties , hehe.

Also , I like these people:


Baking x2


Hichem and his loaf of Strawberry Nutella Cake.



and my little Pretzels.

First Cake



Sunday, I made my first cake.


Yes, I know! Everyone thinks people who work with pastries & desserts would be great at making cakes. NOPE!

I have never done it.

I happened to make every mistake I could possibly make.

{saggy and uneven}

{screwing up buttercream three times}

{layers were short and fat – not tall and elegant}

{cake layers were so close in size – one was only a little bit smaller. It looked stupid.}

But, as much as I hated making that cake…I kinda want to make another.