December in Review

-Working during the holiday craze at Boudin. I don’t know what it is about thanksgiving and Christmas (or maybe it’s because the weather turned cold) but the people want their bread! Busy, busy.

– Christmas cabin ! Our family’s favorite tradition of air bnb-ing a cabin over christmas. We do it in Tahoe , because SNOW!

(See the Three Cousins video of the Christmas cabin fun here )


– New Years resolution: to answer all these questions.

Goodbye 2017. You were a good one.



When you fly, there are the usual questions that we cabin crew ask each other every. single. flight.

Where do you live?

What group are you in?

What does your roster look like?

Question #1: Where do I live.

All cabin crew for my airline live in Dubai.

It’s just the question of where, since we have so many buildings around the city.

Sarab is where I live.

Well, technically the location is around the Nad al Sheba area, just outside of Dubai.

Sarab is just the accommodation building’s name.

But not a lot of people know where that is exactly.

(I mean, to explain to taxi’s where it is, you need to use landmarks close by Sarab to get them to figure out where you are trying to go)

But other cabin crew definitely know of Sarab.

Its infamous for being in the middle of no where.

30 minute drive from anywhere.

((And for some other reasons which I won’t get into!))

The pro’s to living in Sarab?

It’s quiet

It’s a nice small community of fellow cabin crew.

We are the only accommodation that is provided a shuttle to the mall.


It’s quiet.

You can’t avoid seeing some cabin crew you wish you could avoid seeing.

{I mean, there are 5 buildings, housing up to 500 people in each building. That’s a lot of cabin crew.}

To go anywhere you rely on bus schedules. Unless you have a car. Or pay for a taxi.

But I have a roommate I love, friends are just a 30 second elevator ride away.

So ya, it’s good.


My building.

Words of the Cabin Crew

A friend sent me this article, and I said “YES!”

We love our passengers, but sometimes we have a few who we wish were a little more considerate.

10 Things Flight Attendants Wish They Could Say But Can’t

1.“Your shoes are so cute, but they would smell better on your feet.”

2.“We love your child, but would appreciate if he didn’t use the flight-attendant call button to compose the next great symphony.”

3.“You know, you do have the opportunity to select your seat in advance.”

4.“We know our comfy leather seats and individual TVs make you feel like you’re on your couch, but we have some great hotel partners for those more intimate moments with your loved one.”

5.“Why are you asking me that now?”
It might be a request for a drink two minutes before takeoff or for the vegetarian option during meal service, but attendants get frustrated when passengers have bad timing or resist planning ahead.}

6. “You can’t fit a 10-pound bologna in a 5-pound bag. Let me gate-check that for you.”
{It never fails: Someone’s always trying to slip a little more luggage onto the plane.}

7.“What was it like being raised by wolves?”
{Your parents always taught you to make requests with a “please” and respond with a “thank you.” But for some reason, too many passengers seem to check their manners at the gate.}

8. “Compassion goes a long way.”
{All too often, a childless passenger ends up seated next to a parent with an upset, fidgety baby on a fully booked airplane. When we hear, “Can’t somebody shut that kid up?” we often want to hand the child to the complainer and relocate the parent to first class with a tray full of drinks.}

9. “So you’re mad because someone’s asked you to do your job?”
{We admits that sometimes it’s our fellow flight attendants who frustrate us, returning in a huff to the galley to complain about having to serve someone yet another Coke.}

10. “I’ll be right back.”
{OK, this one is really spoken out loud. But this is a flight attendant code phrase for something a little more, let’s say, expressive — usually in response to an overly demanding, absurd or downright rude passenger request.}

Soooo great.

And so true.

Article found here