Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie

Three ingredients . So easy and so delish. And the cherry on top?! You can satisfy that sweet tooth with it being good for you too.

Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie

3 ripe Bananas

3c old fashion oats

1/2cup chocolate chips (sugar free or 80% dark chocolate)

Smash bananas. Add oats. Should be cookie dough consistency. Add chocolate . Scoop onto sheet and flatten. These cookies do not change shape so they can be close together on the trays.

Bake 350F 12-15 minutes

This recipe , you don’t even have to measure. Eyeballing it is easy (and quicker)! Just make sure there’s enough oats. If it’s too “wet” the texture is more banana-y and you will miss that chewiness the oats bring. But no matter what you do with this recipe , they are still yummy!



Rome, Italy

Rome is a city and special comune in Italy. Rome is the capital of Italy and also of the Province of Rome and of the region of Lazio.

I cannot believe I have never wrote about my layover in Rome.

One of my favorite places ever.

It’s been a year since this flight and I desperately need to go again soon!



One of the many times we were lost. I am pretty bad when it comes to maps, so I just take pictures while someone else figures it out 😉


Our group! It’s rare when you can get more then 4 people wanting to do the same thing on a layover.



Gotta have the pizza.


Until next time Rome.

Its like Taylor Swift could be my BFF.

My twin sister and I entered a contest.

You had to make a 30 second video relating to Taylor Swift and submit it to a local country radio station.

They chose their top 10 videos, and ours made the cut!

So now we are scrambling, trying to get the most “likes” on our video by this Friday at 7am.

It’s a lot harder then I thought it would be.

I figured, I have almost 400 facebook friends, so thats almost 400 likes right there, right?

sooooo wrong.

We have almost 200 “likes”.

Our competition?

Up to almost 800.

I have even asked for peoples help on random Taylor Swift youtube videos.

I get frusterated and give up — only to go back online 10 minutes later and try to figure out how the heck I can get more “likes”.

I just cant give up when its such an amazing opportunity!

Check out the video heeeeeere!

(and please promise me you wont laugh. This was made really fast. Plus, the baby is adorable, right?!)

Best Kept Secret…Ssshhh…

Dont tell anyone what I am about to tell you. Because I dont want word to get out.

But I have been seeing movies for free.

Before they have even been released to the theaters.

And noooo I am not illegally downloading poor quality videos off the internet.

Follow these steps and you too can join in on the fun:

1. Have a Gofobo account.

This is the website that enables you to see movies for $0. You can search for screenings happening around you. And if you are lucky they will have an “Open Screening”. Click it & download your passes!

2. Add local radio stations as your friend on Facebook.

They normally dont spam your newsfeed (at least not too badly), plus most of the things they post are contests (so maybe you will end up winning one!). But more importantly they give out Gofobo RSVP Codes for movies. Act quickly and you will score some more movie passes!

3. Don’t show up late.

This one is not really a rule to be able to collect more free screening passes, but to not miss out on them. Make sure you arrive a good hour – hour and a half before the movie starts to be able to get in line. The way these screenings operate is they give out double the passes that the theater has room for. This way they are sure to have a full house.

The first screening I went to, was “Mirror Mirror” with Julia Roberts. I brought some fam and a friend (the first time I did this, I was able to get 4 passes at a time. They now limit it to two, unfortunately..). We got there with a little over an hour to spare – and the line was already huge. But it wasnt anything compared to the SWARM of people that got in line riiiight after us.

We were a part of the last group of 10 that they let in.

They turned away a good 100 people.

One of the more recent screenings was “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” at the Crest Theater in downtown Sac.

I went with the twin.

{Side note: This was the only screening that I wasn’t able to view. And not because there weren’t enough seats – the theater couldn’t make the reel work. It was very sad.}

#3 [101 Things]

Movie Marathon!!!

#3 done off of my 101 list!

So, I have never done a movie marathon. And not knowing the correct “rules” to having one, I googled it.

And thanks to Justin’s guide, I found out that:

1) Must be at least 3 movies

2) Must not be random movies that I like, needs to have a theme

3) No pauses or breaks

One thing that I was still not sure about, was if I could do it by myself, and if the movies had to be ones I have already seen…

Well, finding 4 movies that have the same “theme” was a lot harder than I thought– that is, when you are limited to Netflix instant download choices.

I searched Ireland-location movies, thrillers, movies that star the main actress with the name Jessica, twin movies… Nothin.

Finally I found 4 movies, with the word “Wedding” in the title.

And soooooo… I watched:

1) I had seen this movie a long time ago. Hilarious! Love the intro. Forgot that it ended so sadly.

2) Dumbest movie ever

3) Cute! Lots of dancing though, and when its the 3rd movie in, it was a good thing I was organizing some things.

4) Good movie! But. So. Sad.

After the movie-madness ended, I do think it would be a lot more fun/agonizing if you did this with some friends. It didnt seem that bad when you are all alone.

(PS – I plan on having an Ireland-themed movie marathon sometime soon. But I will go out and actually BUY the DVDs. My sister and I are going in October. I found a link here with some options, and I am excited!)