Hockey, Canadian Boys, and the #13

I cant believe I’ve never seen a hockey game LIVE before last night.

It was amazing!!! I’m addicted.




My mom is Canadian, which is why we voted for the Canadian team instead of Californian.

I have to admit, Sharks fans are cool. They are LOUD (but not rude to the opposing team),  have an awesome cheer after a goal, and then there’s the amazing shark bite when there’s a penalty, and of course – the SEE THRU ICE SKATING RINK WITH THE SHARK! (It was not a real shark, but still. Favorite)



#13 was a special favorite of ours on the Flames. Not only is he the best player, scored most of our goals that night, and cute – but he totaaalllyy was looking at the sister before game started. Hilarity.

When can I go to their next game!!?