Snow Weekend (pt1)

Everyone deserves a Snow Weekend away! And last weekend, Lake Tahoe was our goal. Luckily for us, this trip did, in fact, happen.

But not without the nail biting, dead-stop traffic waiting, CalTrans for updates dialing, and 2nd resort planning moments!

The previous two days brought a good amount of snow/ rain for the mountains and that resulted in mudslides and trees falling over on most highways. We stuck it out and fortune was on our side because we made it . A lot of cars did not. After waiting for previous minor mudslides/trees to be cleared from the road (4 hours worth of waiting!)  a major mudslide occurred on our HWY 50 in a spot we had  just passed. It would have been a little heart wrenching to be told to go home after so much time and effort had been invested in our trek!

RE Camera

Where most of our waiting took place. At least our view wasn’t too bad.

RE Camera

RE Camera

part of the gang

RE Camera

I’d say it was definitely worth it.




My Dad turns 50 today.

You are the best Daddy. I am soooo thankful you are mine!

You are unselfish : Slaving away in the cold 40 degree weather, to put up Christmas lights – because I wanted them.

You love mommy : Always doing little things for her, helping her around the house.

You are funny : Making everyone laugh, we all know who to invite for a good time 🙂

Thank you for always being there for me, I love you so much!

Love, JJ