Stacking Mac’s

Melbourne, Australia 
I have two hours before I need to start getting ready for my 13 hour flight back to Dubai.

I am pigging out on macaroons and enjoying the sugar rush. 


It’s my 4th day out of this 5 day trip. It started with me in the airport standby lounge (place you stay at for 4 hours, bags packed and lipstick on, in case you are needed on a flight because another crew member was late or forgot their passport or whatever else life throws at crew last minute). I had made it halfway through, 2 of the 4 hours (which means at this point , you start thinking you might not be used, you will have the rest of the day off). But no day off for me, instead it was a 12 hour flight ! And a 5 day trip.

That morning when I was packing, I had no idea where I might be flying that day. Which means you are packing for hot and cold weather. I did not expect to be gone for 5 days and thankfully I had enough underwear , hehe.

Yesterday I was in Auckland , New Zealand. That post is next , I am so excited. I went to a famous little town a couple hours drive from Auckland. This places comes from a very famous movie. 

Can you guess it? 


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