Should I stay or should I go?

The plan has been to leave Emirates and go home after my 3 year contract finished in November.

I have been counting down, excitedly. Now that the end is in sight, a curveball:

I (finally) got my business class training- which I wasn’t surprised about. I knew I would, I was way overdue for it. But what I wasn’t expecting was for them to schedule the training the NEXT MONTH.

Do you understand how unusual that is? Some people have had to wait 6 months for their training.

And that carrot is dangling, and I don’t think I can say no.

So, this means I will do my business class training (which is in 2 weeks) and next month’s roster I will be BIZ CLASS!


And I will stay past my contract.

And that means I have to do SEP again in November (which is the yearly refresher course cabin crew have to do. that i haaaaate.)

And it also means I will not be home for Christmas, since I hadn’t requested time off thinking I would have quit before then.

But if I don’t stay and try it, I think I will regret it.

I also think it will be worth it.

Finally, biz class ♡


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