Birthday Girl


I am going to take a moment and talk about today’s birthday girl.

My older sister, Shannon, is a rock.


She is extremely loyal to her family.


And has a memory like an elephant!

She was the mastermind behind our creative videos.

The first to introduce our family to The Office.

And she can do anything she puts her mind too (she got us on an episode of House Hunters, somehow manages a professional photography business while working full time, has a Frenchie , and owns a stinkin’ cute house).

She planned our 10 day trip to Ireland.


She’s honest.




She loves anything tea related.

Pride and Prejudice.

And her God.



Can host an elaborate dinner – and rock it.

An epic party planner.

Gorgeous photographer.


She’s my older sister, which automatically makes her my idol.

I luff you tweedle! Have an awesome birthday, and I hope it helps you realize how many people love youuuu




(and yes, all of these pictures are over 2 years old and taken on our Ireland trip. but who cares! teehee)



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