Great Wall


Hi Beijing.

I am so glad we finally met.

Ever since I came to Dubai I have been waiting to see you.


I went with a couple other crew who also had never been to the Great Wall of China.

We left at the crack of dawn, and reached the wall by 8am.


We arrived so early, we had even beaten the vendors, setting up their waters and oreo packs and fake “I survived the Great Wall” gold medals.


I looooved all the fall colors.

And the fact that we had the entire wall to ourselves.

It was breath-taking.




I think the secret to such an amazing day was the fact that we went in October {so we could see those trees changing colors} and that we left at such an early time.

It really makes a difference if you aren’t hassled with other tourists.

And then by the time we were leaving, people had started arriving, and we gladly left them to share the wall with each other.


Now, as much as I loved the wall, something else almost beat it out of the favorite part of the day spot.

The toboggan ride down the hill, leaving the wall.




So. Much. Fun.


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