I know this flight number really well.


I have tried to swap onto sooo many EK225’s, tried to bid for them, flown home to visit on them.

And I finally had an EK225 on my roster.

I operated my first SFO flight home!

It was so weird being cabin crew, and not a passenger, for the 15 hours. It went by a LOT faster.  I was so excited to see the family, i was practically bouncing in my jump seat as the plane was landing.

The only thing I didn’t think about was how short a 2 day layover would feel when I am back home.

Usually a 50 hour layover seems like more then enough time at a destination — but I quickly realized how short it really is when you are at home. Especially in comparison to my 2 week vacation I had just taken less then a month before.

So it was a good thing I had family coming back with me to Dubs 😉

It would have been a messy goodbye at the airport.




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