Airport Standby

Airport Standby: A short number of hours (usually 4) where you sit in the dedicated lounge in full cabin crew uniform, make-up, and hair done.

You must be ready to go wherever they may send you, meaning suitcase is packed for cold or warm climate.

You are available in case someone is late, forgot an important document/item and can not fly, or if they are shorthanded.

The end result could be an exciting layover –or a day off (if you are lucky enough to finish your duty without being needed).


I had my first taste of airport standby.

6am – 10am.

I didn’t know if I would like it or not.

I had to pack for cold or hot weather (depending where they sent me).

I didn’t know if I would get a flight.

And I didn’t know  if I would like the flight.

But I ended up reaaaally liking airport standby!

I liked the excitement of wondering where I could be flying to.

It was the same feeling I get, every 23rd of the month, when the roster is abbouuuut to come out and I can’t stand the wondering where I would be going! It’s like Christmas Eve. I love it.

I ended up going to Munich, having the best time, loving my crew.

I love my job ❤



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