What I Learned


What I have learned while at training college:

People have a mayonnaise/ketchup obsession.

{They eat it with everything. And it’s not a little amount, its a nice 1/4 cup serving of each.}

There’s this thing called “sounding American”

{included= saying “Awesome” and “Oh Snap”}

Walmart isn’t everywhere

{I know that sounds sooooo “American”, but I literally thought Walmart was everywhere. It’s not.}

Emirates Flights: No-Charge Alcoholic Beverages

{I cannot believe I flew on a 15-hour flight and didn’t realize that all the alcoholic beverages (minus Champagne) were free. FREE.}

Irish Schooling

{How is it fair that the Irish population can finish their school by the age of 16 if they wanted too? America=18. }

Pressure Points

{Thanks to our Restraining class, I now know all those handy little pressure points we fine humans have. Don’t mess with meeee.}

Michael Jackson

{Algerians love him.}




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