Sarab Building

I was so nervous about the place I was staying at! I had thought I had seen a picture of it on the internet, and it looked like it was in a such a random place.

And when we passed the same building that I had seen pictures of (and had thought I was staying at), my heart stopped. It looked abandoned and creepy. My stomach was in knots as my driver tried to figure out where I was staying.

Thank God  the Sarab Building where I was staying at wasn’t where I had originally thought – or I might’ve gone home right then.

I walked into the much more inviting building and picked up my keys.

After the elevator ride, I started the long walk to my room.

It happened to (practically) be the farthest room from that elevator.

 I felt like I was walking down a ward in a hostpital. The only thing I could hear was my luggage rolling and high heels clicking; the light above me buzzing. Kind of creepy.

After finally finding my room, the challenge of unlocking it came next.

I was given four keys, and none were opening my door. I was getting desperate. I did NOT want to have to walk all the way back to ask why I couldn’t even open my door. Dumb.

I finally realized I needed to turn the key upside down, and I unlocked my door and walked in.

I wasn’t nervous about who my roommate was going to be until I was trying to open my door. I was hoping she wasn’t sitting in the living room, wondering who this person was that couldn’t even figure out how to open a door. But she was nowhere in sight.

Probably the most stressful part about all of this was when I thought my room had someone in it already.

Each room is marked by a letter, “A” , “B” , or “C”.

I found my room, “B”, and right by it was a scheduled taped to the wall.

I was confused,  it wasn’t my schedule, and I hoped that someone wasn’t in my bed!

After having more difficulty unlocking the door (I even considered sleeping on the couch), I finally got it.

And luckily no one was in my bed!

So far this night had really been stressful and nerve-racking for me! Plus, I was tired from being up for so long, emotional from missing everyone, and feeling incredibly lonely.

All I wanted to do was communicate with someone from my family.

But there was no wifi.

The next thing I felt like doing was collapsing on the bed and crying .

But I still had one more piece of luggage I had left at the main desk .

And heeeere are my last mistakes of the night…

When I left to go back to the lobby, I had only grabbed my room key, ( not the building key ) because I figured I wouldn’t need it.  I wasn’t going to leave the building! Just go back down to the lobby and pick up my suitcase.

And, I thought I had smartly figured out that my long walk to my room was due to the fact that I had turned right instead of left after exiting the elevator. So I had made an entire loop! I turned the corner and found the elevators. Much nicer then the large circle walk I had originally done.

But when I reached the lobby, there was a different guy at the desk – and no sign of my suitcase!

Desk-man gave me directions back to my lobby. And I thought I knew where he had said to go.

One little problem.. I didn’t bring the building key. And the way he said to go was through the parking lot.

And once I realized I didn’t have a key to open the door, I couldn’t find my way back to him.

And that’s how I ended up wandering the parking lot, embarrassingly laughing to myself. I couldn’t believe how my first night in Dubai was going so badly! And I hadn’t even left the apartment buildins!

Some kind soul who worked there found me, and led me to where I needed to go.

I grabbed my suitcase and booked it back to my room.

Too much adventure for one day.

I hate being new.

And this was when I found myself, standing in my room, homesick and almost hysterical.

I NEEDED to talk to someone from my family!

So I took off the heels, threw a sweater on, and went BACK downstairs to the lobby to ask about wifi.

My night ended with talking to a cute boy as we rode the elevator down together, meeting a nice girl in the lobby who helped me figure out the wifi (it is only in lobby), and after making another round trip to the room and back, I was able to skype da sister on my laptop!

And see my baby.

So happy.


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