Emirates Plane Ride!

Going through security and reaching my gate went surprisingly well.

(except for the TSA agent who yelled at me for taking my ring off and putting it in the bin to go through the xray machine.)

(And the fact that I was trying not to bawl my eyes out after saying farewell to my family.)


I did have my 2nd experience with the body scanner, which was annoying but surprisingly not as traumatic as the 1st time.


The Emirates flight attendants went through security the same time as me, and I watched them like a hawk. And its crazy to think that in a few short weeks that will be me.


After boarding the plane and squishing into the middle seat (why do I always bring two large carry-ons, and hope that they will fit under the seat in front of me? ), I checked out the entertainment selection.


So many choices!


They had 100s of movies, it was amazing.


But probably my favorite part was the planes camera system. I was able to watch, from the planes nose POV, as we took off. Ummmm, really cool.


I normally don’t like to sleep on plane rides-I never want to miss anything. But this time I actually would’ve loved too. Unfortunately the middle seat does not have the best options for sleeping, and I had to prop my head up with my hand and doze.


The low of the plane ride was when I ended up standing in line for the bathroom for 20 minutes. I have no idea what that person was doing in there, but 10 minutes in an airplane bathroom cant mean good things. And also thanks to older Arabic women who seem to think they don’t need to follow the line system, my bladder was truly tested.


After surviving the 15-hour flight, the easy part was over.



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